'1950s Ladies'

1950’s Youth Fashions, 1950’s Hot Rod Pin Up Dress

Get 1950’s Youth Fashions like this Wild Cherry Print Dress. This 1950’s Hot Rod Pin Up Dress is great for Vintage Auto Show Models, 50’s Pin Up Fashion Shoots, 50’s Sock Hop and 50’s Dinner Waitress Attire. We have tons of 1950’s Bright & Cheerful, Colorful & Youthful Fashion Ideas like this 1950’s Style Day Dress and all the Nifty 50’s Costume Accessories to match this dress or whatever dress you choose. We have 50’s Day Gloves, 50’s Hairdo Wigs & Pin Up Wigs too. We’ll accessorize your 50’s Outfit from head to toe or you can get just the nice 50’s clothing or accessories you need. Don’t forget, we have many, many 50’s Styles in Plus and XL Sizes too. From 50’s Sun Dresses to 50’s Cocktail Dresses from 50’s Rockabilly Fashions to Casual 50’s Period Outfits and Formal Attire, we have it all. Here you will find the largest collection of 1950’s Clothing & Costumes in the Dallas, DFW or North Texas Area. Get a Theatrical Wardrobe or Stage Production Leading Characters Outfits.  Get one 1950’s complete High Quality Outfit or just the 50’s Dresses or Accessories you need. We are here all year round to meet your 1950’s Costume needs.

1950’s Voted ‘Most Popular’ Girl, 1950’s Costumes & Poodle Skirt Outfits

We have this 1950's Voted 'Most Popular' Girl Costume in Stock. We also have 1950's Costumes & Poodle Skirt Outfits, 1950's Most Popular' Costumes, 1950's Costumes & Accessories, 1950's Poodle Skirts, 1950's High Quality Outfits, 1950's Ladies Attire, 1950's Flip Wigs, 1950's Vintage Clothing, 1950's Cat Eye Glasses, 1950's Vintage Letter Jackets, 1950'sSock Hop Costumes, Best 1950's Costume Shop, 1950's School girl Costumes, 1950's Theatrical Wardrobes, 1950's School Project Costumes and Accessories.

Look at this 1950’s Voted ‘Most Popular’ Girl Costume. This 1950’s Poodle Skirt Outfit with 50’s Saddle Shoes & Poodle Socks, 50’s Cat Eye Glasses, 1950’s Argyle Sweater Top, 1950’s High Quality Flip Hairdo Wig, Bubble Gum Bobble Bracelet and her 50’s Jock Boyfriend’s Varsity Wool and Leather Letter Jacket is very Classic 1950’s Sock Hop Attire. Just know that this adorable 50’s Outfit is only one of thousands of complete 1950’s Great Costume Ideas we keep in stock all year round. It’s easy to put together the Best & Most Popular 50’s Costumes at Dallas Vintage Shop because nobody in the Dallas, DFW or North Texas Area has more 50’s Poodle Skirts, 50’s Vintage Clothing, 50’s Theatrical Wardrobes, 50’s Movie & TV Show Characters Outfits, 50’s Historical Characters or 50’s Hollywood Stars Supreme Quality Costumes than us. Get 1950’s Median Priced and Economy Priced Costumes or Accessories for School Projects or Theme Parties. We are open all year to serve you.

1950’s TV Show Costumes: ‘I Love Lucy,’ Lucille Ball 1950’s Attire

Find all of your Favorite 1950’s TV Show Costumes like this ‘I Love Lucy,’ Lucille Ball 1950’s Attire. What is your favorite old TV Show Character? We have all your Favorite 1950’s Movie Character Costumes  too. This ‘I Love Lucy’ (1951-1957) Costume is a 1950’s Classic Sitcom Phenomenon. We keep all the most loved Hollywood Characters Supreme Quality Outfits in stock. We have Median and Economy Priced Costumes and Accessories too.  No matter who your favorite 50’s Movie Star, Historical Person, TV show or Hollywood Character is, we can hook you up with the costume of your dream. We have the 1950’s Style Wigs & all the right accessories to help you put together the most amazing outfit because nobody has more 1950’s Attire than us. From your Hollywood Iconic Movie Star Characters Outfits to 1950’s Theatrical Wardrobes we have what you need. Get 5o’s Formal Attire or 1950’s Historical Period Clothing, 50’s Vintage Pieces and 50’s Theme Party Costumes all here at Dallas Vintage Shop. Get Complete 50’s Outfits,  fully Accessorized, or just the pieces you need. We are open all year round to serve you.

Kid’s 1950’s Costumes, 1950’s Child Sock Hop Poodle Skirts

Kid's 1950's Costumes range from High Quality to Median and Economy prices. Get Kids 50's Period Costumes, Clothing Pieces or just the Accessories you need.

This Child 50’s Poodle Skirt Costume is just one example of the huge collection of Kid’s 1950’s Costumes at Dallas Vintage Shop. You will find many other great kids 50’s Costumes and Accessories for Girls and Boys.

The Kid’s 1950’s Costumes shown here and on our website, like this Kid’s 50’s Sock Hop Costume consists of a 1950’s Girls Poodle Skirt, 50’s Cat Eye Glasses. 50’s Saddle Shoes and a 1950’s Style Hair Band. We have great 50’s Costumes for boys too.
Children’s 1950’s Costumes range from High Quality to Median and Economy prices. Get Kids 50’s Period Costumes, Clothing Pieces or just the Accessories you need.
You will not believe the unbelievable selection and creativity of our Kids 50’s Costume Creations.  If you like this girls adorable 50’s Poodle Skirt Costume, you will fall in love with our giant collection other Children’s 1950’s Costumes. Dallas Vintage Shop has many other great kids 50’s Costumes and all the Accessories you will ever need for Girls and Boys 50’s Costumes.


1950’s Fashions: Wiggle Dresses, Rizzo Grease Costume

We have 1950's Fashions, Wiggle Dresses, Rizzo Grease Costumes and Accessories. Get 1950's Attire, 1950's Ladies Fashions, 1950's Wiggle Dresses, 1950's Grease Costumes, 1950's Rizzo Grease Outfit, 1950's Era Fashions, 1950's Movie Characters Costumes, 1950's TV Show Costumes, 1950's Costume Shops, Best 1950's Costumes, 1950's Hairdo Wigs, 1950's Clothing Accessories, 1950's Vintage Clothing, 1950's Retro Fashions & More.

Wow, this is one great Rizzo Grease Costume. We have plenty of 1950’s Fashions, like 50’s Wiggle Dresses that are perfect for the Classic Rizzo Grease Costume.  There are all of the 50’s Genre ‘Grease’ Movie Characters Outfits in stock and any other 50’s Era Movies, 50’s Genre TV Shows, 50’s Historical Characters, 50’s Hollywood Celebrities and 50’s Broadway Musicals or High School Theatrical and School Project Costumes. We have 1950’s Vintage Clothing, 50’s Retro Fashions, Pinup Enthusiast Outfits, 50’s Formal & Casual Dresses, 50’s Pinup Pumps & Shoes and every 1950’s Era Hairdo Wigs you can imagine. Get the 50’s Glasses, Sunglasses, Clutch Purses, 50’s Jewelry and all of the other accessories you need to complete the 1950’s Amazing Outfits you want. Dallas Vintage Shop has the Largest & Most Extensive Collection of 1950’s Costumes & Accessories in the Metroplex and we are open year round to serve you.

1950’s Susie Homemaker Attire, 1950’s Ladies Fashions

Dress yourself in 1950’s Susie Homemaker Attire. We have a huge selection of 1950’s Ladies Fashion Printed Day Dresses and Window Shopping Classic Outfits. Like something out of the Better Homes & Gardens Magazine from the 1950’s, this Prim and Proper Susie Homemaker Outfit is here waiting for you. You will find more great 50’s Costume Ideas than you could ever imagine. We have 50’s Hair Fashion Wigs, Day Gloves, 50’s Proper Jewelry, 50’s Period Shoes and even the right stockings to complete any 50’s Look you want. Nobody has more 50’s Attire in the Metroplex than we do. You will find Vintage Clothing, Retro Dresses and Theatrical Attire and all the Period Accessories at Dallas Vintage Shop.

1950’s Socialite Tea Party Fashions, 1950’s Junior League Spring Soiree Attire

Here is the absolute perfect 50’s Fashion Outfit that represents the 1950’s Socialite Tea Party Fashions of yesteryear. If you need 1950’s Junior League Spring Soiree Attire or 50’s Auto Show Models Outfits, we have every 50’s Genre Fashions there is. Are you ready for the 1950’s? We have 50’s Historical Characters Period Attire, 50’s Themed Luncheon or Cocktail Party Dresses, 50’s Derby Dame Hats & 50’s Happy Hour Baby Shower Themed Events and all the Vintage Clothing, Retro 50’s Fashions, Custom 50’s Reproduction Attire, 50’s Vintage Jewelry, 1950’s Vintage Necklace, Bracelet & Earring Matching Sets, Day Gloves like the 50’s Era and any 50’s Theatrical or Historical Costumes and all the 50’s Period Correct Accessories you could possibly need. We have the Largest & Most Diverse Collection of 1950’s Supreme Quality Outfits and Median & Economy Prices Costumes, Clothing and Accessories in the Dallas, DFW and North Texas Area. We have more 50’s Costume Possibilities and Ideas than your would ever find anywhere else, and it here, all in one place and waiting for you to come in and have a blast creating a 50’s Outfit you may have never thought possible. The sky is the limit. Your choices are unlimited. We are open all year to serve.

1950’s Iconic Costumes: Marilyn Monroe, ‘Seven Year Itch’ Costume

Get Famous People 1950's Costumes like this Marilyn Monroe Costume shown here. We have this 'Seven Year Itch' Costume in stock. We also have 1950's Celebrities Costumes, 1950's Attire, 1950's Vintage Clothing, 1950's Movie Stars, 1950's Historical Costumes, 1950's Theatrical Costumes, 1950's Ladies Attire, 1950 Famous Women, 1950's Marilyn Monroe Costume, 1950's Movies Costumes, Quality 1950's Costumes, Popular 1950's People Costumes and more.

Get High Quality Costumes for all the Most Popular 1950’s Costumes. This Marilyn Monroe, ‘Seven Year Itch,’ 1954 Movie Costume is supreme. The 1954 Marilyn Monroe White Halter Dress and the Marilyn Monroe Wig, accurate for this 50’s Marilyn Hairstyle, is one example of the 1950’s Costumes we keep in stock all year round. Who is your Favorite 50’s Movie Star or Celebrity? We have a costume for that. We have plenty of Vintage 50’s Attire, High Quality 50’s Reproductions, 50’s Costumes and more Period Correct 1950’s Accessories than you’ll find anywhere in Dallas, North Texas or on Planet Earth. Get Super High Quality 50’s Outfits or 50’s Median and Economy Priced Costumes for Theatrical or Theme Party uses.

1950’s Day Dresses, 50’s Ladies Attire, 50’s Period Clothing

We have these 1950's Day Dresses, 50's Ladies' Attire, 50's Period Clothing & Accessories in stock. Get Ladies 50's Attire, Ladies 50's Dresses, 50's Heart Print Dresses, 50's Sweetheart Dresses, 50's Vintage Dresses, 50's Retro Dresses, 50's Housewife Dresses, 50's Rockabilly Dresses, 50's Pinup Dresses, 50's Day Dresses, 50's Hair Style Wigs, 50's Vintage Shoes, 50's Seamed Stockings, 50's Pillbox Hats, 50's Fascinator Hats, 50's Cute Dresses, 50's Proper Attire, 50's Theatrical Costumes, 50's Ladies Costume Ideas at Dallas Vintaage Shop.

Dallas Vintage Shop has Racks & Racks of Sweet 1950’s Day Dresses, ‘To Die For’ 50’s Ladies’ Attire, Prim & Proper 50’s Period Clothing and all the 50’s Proper Accessories that matches perfectly each and every 50’s Outfits we have in stock. This 1950s Housewife Sweetheart Dress is perfect for 50’s Theme Parties, 50, Valentines Day Dances, 50’s Theatrical, 50’s Film and Professional Entertainers Costumes and 50’s Auto Show Models Attire. We have the wigs, hats, gloves, jewelry, shoes, stocking and makeup you need to properly accessorize your 1950’s Outfit and make it as impressive as you desire. There is no limit to the 50’s Genre Vintage Clothing, Retro Dresses and Quality Costumes we keep in stock all year round.

1950’s I Love Lucy & Ricky Outfits, 1950’s ICONIC COUPLES

Get 1950's Iconic Couples & Hollywood Leading Couples, 50's Cutest Couple Costume Ideas, Couples Theme Party Costumes, Best Hollywood Couples Costumes, 50's Best Costume Ideas, 50's Theme Party Costumes, Men and Ladies 50's Fashions, Ladies and Men's 50's Attire, 50's Historical Ladies, 50's Iconic Couples, 50's TV Show Costumes, 50's Sitcom Favorite Characters and Accessories.

This 1950’s Iconic Couples, I Love Lucy & Ricky Costume Idea is only one of many 1950’s Famous Hollywood TV Couples Outfits we have for you at Dallas Vintage Shop. One look at this cute 1950’s Ricky and Lucy Ricardo Couple and you remember the fun of this 50’s and 60’s TV Show. This is just one 50’s Famous Couple or TV Show Individual Character Costume Idea waiting for you. We have many 1950’s Hollywood Ladies or Couples Costume Ideas that are amazing. The sky is the limit. We have more 50’s Costumes thanyou can Imagine. Lucille Ball and Ricky Ricardo are 50’s Hollywood Icons. Since its origin in 1951, the ‘I Love Lucy’ Show has been a favorite of TV Entertainment. We have the 50’s Clothing and Costumes necessary to create this Ricky & Lucy Costume Combo very easily. We have the necessary 50’s Lucy Wig and other 50’s Hair Style Wigs, Men’s 50’s Fedoras, 50’s Classic Lucy Dresses, 50’s Men Suits & Sports Coats, Men’s 50’s Ties, Ladies 50’s Pillbox Hats, 50’s Day Gloves and Shoes and other 50’s Costume Accessories you need for any 1950’s Famous Couple or Individual History or Hollywood Movie & TV Shows. Who is your Favorite 1950’s Character? We have a Costume for that. We have the largest collection of 50’s Clothing, Costumes and Accessories in the Dallas, DFW and North Texas Area and we are open year round to serve your 1950’s Theatrical or Theme Party Costume needs.