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Winter Wonderland of Sexy Christmas Costumes & Accessories

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We have Sexy Christmas Costumes, Lavish Holiday Accessories, Boas, Christmas Lingerie Stockings, Gloves, Vintage Clothing, Sexy Roll Play Costumes in Stock.

Luxurious Sexy Christmas Costumes, Lavish Lingerie & Accessories are Innumerable in our Shop’s Holiday Sexy Collection. We are overflowing with Holiday Sexy Attire, Sexy Christmas Costumes, Christmas Spirited Lingerie & Opulent Accessories like this Snow White Swan Down Mega Lush Boa, Extravagant Costume Jewelry fit for a Queen and Quality Stockings, Panty Hose, Gloves, Shoes, Tutus and even Glamorous Wigs & Broaches to provide you with the final touches to guarantee that you are the most Irresistible Holiday Christmas Present.

Wishing You a Sexy 60’s Happy Holiday! Sexy Vintage Christmas Costumes

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‘Have a Sexy 60’s Holiday Darling!’ in our Vintage Holiday Costumes. Have a Sexy Holiday in any Decade. Nobody has more variety or creativity when it comes to Sexy Christmas Costumes than Dallas Vintage Shop.

Our Sexy Holiday Costumes include; Vintage Sexy, Glamorous Sexy Starlet Christmas Attire , Luxurious Boudoir Sexy Christmas Lingerie, 1920’s Sexy Flappers Christmas Costumes, Sexy 60’s Holiday Classic Styles, Happy Holiday Sexy Mrs. Santa, Sexy Christmas Elves, and many more Holiday Characters and Styles. We have Complete Outfits or just the Sexy Christmas Dresses or Accessories you need. Create the Christmas Sexy Look of your Dreams. We have options you will not find elsewhere because we are a Full Line Costume Shop & Vintage Clothing Store featuring Showy, Fabulous Quality Costumes with the ‘Wow!’ Factor. Our Holiday Jewelry, Faux Furs, Wigs, Hats and other Accent Pieces are Absolutely Fabulous & we want your Sexy Christmas Costume to make you look Marvelous.


Sophisticated Sexy Holiday Attire & Opulent Accessories in our Dallas Sexy Christmas Selection.

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Welcome to our Huge Selection of Holiday Sexy Costumes & Unique Accessories in our Dallas Sexy Christmas Shop. Find Unique Holiday Dresses, an enormous selection of Gloves, fabulous Faux Furs, Stockings & Panty Hose you wont believe, opulent Jewelry & glamorous Wigs.

We are the Dallas Sexy Christmas Shop that has many Sophisticated Sexy Outfits in Stock. When it comes to Holiday Sexy Attire, we have the best ideas. Some of the Sexy Holiday Costumes include: Sexy Mrs. Santa, Sexy Santa’s Helpers, Sexy Elves, Sexy Vintage Christmas Attire, Sexy Christmas Gowns, Sexy Luxurious Holiday Lingerie Accessories, Sexy Christmas Themed Stockings & Panty Hose, Quality Sexy Holiday Festive Gloves, Sexy Holiday Themed & Opulent Costume Jewels, Luxurious Faux Furs & Wraps, Supreme Quality Wigs & A Vast Array of Superior Quality Santa Hats, Elf Hats and many other Holiday Hair Accessories.

Sexy Christmas Holiday Costumes like this Sexy Holiday Nurse is just one Sexy Costume idea in Stock.

This Sexy Christmas Holiday Nurse Costume is only a sample of the Sexy Christmas Holiday Costumes we have in stock.

Our Sexy Christmas Holiday Costumes Selection is Extremely Diverse & Creative. Find Sexy Holiday Outfits with Unique Details & Accessories only we have. No Sexy or Lingerie Shop can offer more Creative Sexy Christmas Costume Outfits or Ideas than our Shop. The Creativity and Unique Costume Volume we keep in stock is totally unbeatable and that gives our Sexy Christmas Costumes the ‘Wow!’ factor you want. Not only can you find a very Sexy Holiday Nurse Outfit, you could go as a Sexy Vintage Nurse or Sexy Steampunk Nurse or Sexy Victorian Nurse or Sexy Military Nurse. Get the point? We have the largest inventory of Costumes & Sexy Christmas Costumes around. The Details, the Accessories, The Creativity you desire is here. Come and find the Christmas Sexy Costume that fits your personality, that makes you feel great about yourself and that you want to show off. We have all the Christmas Vintage Attire, Sexy Christmas Costumes & Holiday Accessories you need, right here, all in one place. That makes us the one stop Christmas Sexy Holiday Shop.

Our Quality Sexy Christmas Outfits are Flamboyantly Accessorized & Embellished.

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Flamboyant Christmas Lingerie, Quality Sexy Christmas Outfits & Unlimited Sexy Holiday Attire & Accessories are Unlimited & Unprecedented in Our Selection.

Our Quality Sexy Christmas Outfits & Lingerie are Bountifully Stocked. Find Sexy Christmas Costumes, Accessories & Lingerie that are so unique & creative that you will have no problems finding that perfect Holiday Costume Surprise that will make you the favorite gift under the Christmas Tree. Because we are a full line Vintage Shop & Costume Store with a complete section of Christmas Costume & Lingerie Section, you will find Holiday Outfit Options it would be impossible to find anywhere else. From Luxurious Christmas Attire to Leg Ave., Secret Wishes, Enchanted, Wicked and other name brand Holiday & Lingerie Costume Providers, we have it all. From Vintage Lingerie to Period Clothing, our immense collection will inspire your Christmas Spirit. Our Opulent Costume Jewelry will set your Sexy Christmas Outfit on fire. Our unbelievable collection of Period & Sexy Stockings, Panty Hose and other Lingerie will put the Sexy Christmas finishing touches on that Sizzling Holiday Ensemble that will make you look and feel magically unforgettable.

Ladies Very Sexy Christmas Outfits, Costumes, Lingerie & Accessories

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We Stock Ladies Very Sexy Christmas Outfits like this one that includes this Christmas Corset and Shiny Red Hot Pants.

  • Holiday Sexy Christmas Outfits: Leg Ave., Be Wicked, Charades, Mystery House & more. Or Create Your Own Sexy Holiday Costume from our huge inventory of Lingerie & Sexy Attire. Get Complete Sexy Christmas Costumes or just the Sexy Christmas Lingerie, Corsets, Accessories or Christmas Jewelry & Quality Santa Hats you need.

Old Hollywood Christmas Sexy Costumes, 1920’s Sexy Christmas Dame

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We Offer Christmas Sexy Costumes that are Different! Like this 1920’s Christmas Sexy Dame Outfit. Find Luxurious or Glamorous Holiday Sexy Outfits with Unique, Lavish Accessories.

Create the Unexpected Christmas Sexy Costumes that will Razzel Dazzle! We have Vintage, Reproduction Period Clothing, Period Costumes and Vintage Accessories to help you assemble a Sophisticated & Unique Sexy Christmas Outfits with the ‘wow’ factor. We can help your put together a Sexy Mrs. Santa with a Period Nuance or a Sexy Gold Digger Christmas Elf. At Dallas Vintage Shop there are no limitations to the Quality & Variety of your Sexy Christmas Costumes. Our Accessories are Exceptional. We can thoroughly impress the point you want to make with your Sexy Holiday Costume. Our Opulent Costume Vegas & Royalty Jewelry, our Luxurious, Fabulous Faux Furs & Wraps & our Extensive and Impressive Sexy Lingerie, Gloves, Hats & Boas guarantee that you will have an Impressive & Exceptional, Very Sexy Holiday Outfit.

Ladies Sexy Christmas Costumes and Dresses.

We have Quality Ladies Sexy Christmas Costumes and Dresses in many styles.

Ladies Sexy Elf Christmas Party Attire

You can find Ladies Sexy Elf Christmas Party Attire and much more.

Sexy, 1920s Jazzy Holiday and Period Christmas Party Dresses

We have tons of Sexy Holiday and Christmas Party Dresses and all the accessories for Holiday Season Formal Occasions too.


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