Save The Vintage!


People do not realize that thousands and thousands of vintage clothing items are systematically being destroyed in Dallas and elsewhere. How or why? Instead of making sure that institutions which specialize in vintage clothing and costumes get these precious items they put them into the trash or dumpsters or just donate them to shelters, charities or other thrift stores, which don’t realize their value and would rather have modern clothing. As a result, these items are overlooked by thrift stores clothing sorters and may be turned into rags or they are disposed of in other ways.

Thrift stores need modern clothing and needy people may not prefer vintage clothing. Even if vintage clothes make it to the store racks they only have a limited number of weeks to sell before they are turned into rags or thrown away. Again, thrift stores need modern clothing and needy people don’t usually prefer vintage clothing. If we are sounding redundant, it is intentional because we are on our ’soap box’ to help the public realize they can have a part in salvaging our wonderful vintage clothing by making sure that and other institutions that need and appreciate their older clothing treasures receive them. In return you will be blessed with the pleasure of knowing that you have done your part in preserving history and if you donate to us you will receive a tax deductible receipt and a lot of appreciation.

DVS is on a campaign to make the public aware that our society can help preserve this national treasure.