'Albert Einstein'

Albert Einstein: Famous Scientist, Theory of Relativity Costume

Albert Einstein, Inventor Albert Einstein, Scientist Albert Einstein, Kid's Albert Einstein Costume, Einstein Wig, Glasses, Moustach & Lab Coat Costume from Dallas Vintage Shop.

This Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize Winner & Famous Scientist Costume, as well as many other Historical & Famous Persons Complete Outfits for Children or Adults are always in stock at Dallas Vintage Shop. We have serious Adult Quality Albert Einstein and other Historical Iconic Persons Outfits too.



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This Albert Einstein Costume commemorates the 1919 Solar Eclipse observation that proved his Theory of Relatively 100 years ago. The Albert Einstein Dress Up Day Outfit you see here is only a sample of the 100’s of other famous men or ladies that lived and were famous a century ago. Get Adult of Kid’s Quality Costumes at Dallas Vintage Shop, all year round. Nobody has more Important Historical People Costume Ideas for Theatrical Productions, Theme Parties or Kid’s School Projects in the DFW area than we have. Get Wigs for any Characters imaginable, Makeup, Period Clothing & Every Possible Accessory you will need from head to toe, from our unbelievably huge stock.

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Although Albert Einstein was born in Germany, he eventually immigrated to the US. We are headquarters for Child & Adult International & American Historical Characters Outfits for School Projects, Film Projects or Theatrical Productions. This Albert Einstein, Nobel Peace Prize Scientist Costume is just one of thousands of Historical Character Outfits that we keep in stock. Dallas Vintage Shop is the Encyclopedia of Historical Characters Complete Outfits. We have Deluxe, Median & Economy Priced Costume Ideas.  Nobody has more Historical Period Clothing, Accessories, Wigs, Makeup, Special Effects and even Facial Hair for any Historical Character you need for Kid’s or Adults.

This Post Features one of our CHILD HISTORICAL COSTUMES but we have Period Clothing & Costumes for Children & Adults.

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