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Allen Americans Costume Contests

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-The Allen Americans have some of the coolest Costume Contests throughout the year and we have all the Rules and Information listed below.

Allen Americans Costume Contests

The Allen Americans have several Costume Contests throughout the Hockey Season to coincide with the Theme of the Night. Several of them benefiting great Charities!  Dallas Vintage Shop has paired up with Allen Americans to bring you all the information and rules for each Costume night along with some spectacular Costumes and Ideas.

RULES for Costume Contests

  • While Masks are welcome, all masks must be removed when going through security.
    • Each piece of the costume must be approved by building security for the safety of all of the arena guest.
  • All contests take place during the first or second intermission.
    • A fan vote will decide the winner on the video boards so bring as many people as you can!
  • You can go to Customer Service to be entered into the contests or helpful staff from Allen Americans may select participants.
  • Prizes for the Participants and the Winners will vary from contest to contest

For any questions or concerns, contact the Game Operations Director, Corey Essman, at Corey@AllenAmericans.com or 972-912-1027

We have Costumes for every Event and Promotional night and can make sure you build an approved outfit when you visit Dallas Vintage Shop.  Check out the Costume Contest Themed Events below to find all the Full Costumes or just a Few Accessories at DFW’s largest costume Megastore!

Harry Potter Night, Saturday, February 16th, 2019

Princess and Pirate Day, Sunday, February 24th, 2019


Discover themes and promotions for the entire month by checking out the Promotional Schedule.

Allen Americans has some excellent group rates! Get your tickets for your entire party and meet at Dallas Vintage Shop to make it an Entertaining Outing for the entire family, church, or party.

Keep coming back to find more Costume Contests with Allen Americans!