Bible Character Quality Costumes, Pharisee Easter Pageant Costume, Jewish Pharisee Attire

We have quality Biblical Attire for Passion Plays and for Jewish Purim Holiday Celebrations. We have Pharisee Attire, Hebrew High Priest Costumes, Sadducee Costumes, Disciple Outfits, Roman Soldier Armor and so much more. Get what you need at Dallas Vintage Shop including wigs, beards and makeup.

Jewish, Ancient Hebrew Attire, Tanakh, Old Testament Costumes

Who is your favorite character from the Book of Judges? Meet Samson, the Strong Man, Hebrew Judge and Warrior. We have any Ancient Hebrew character costume in the Tanakh or the Old Testament. Samson slew the lion with his bare hands and became a Israelite Hero. We have all the costumes and wardrobes for Israelite Plays & Theme Parties.

Easter Pageant Costumes, Caiaphas High Priest Attire, Sadducee Costume, Sanhedrin Clothing

Whatever Easter Pageant Costumes you need we can help. From complete high quality costumes to just the wigs, makeup or accessories we have it all. Here is a few hard to find Bible character costumes: Caiaphas High Priest Attire, Sadducee Costume, Sanhedrin Clothing, Pharisees and more.