Achilles, Trojan War Hero: Greek Mythology Characters

Show up at the Frat Party, Toga Party or Greek Festival in this Achilles Outfit from Homer’s ‘Lliad.’ Achilles, Hero of the Trojan Wars, a favorite Greek Mythology Character. You’ll get plenty of attention. We have everything you can imagine to help you put together any Greek Mythology or Historical Characters you can think of. Get the whole outfit or just the pieces you need.


Penthesilea, Greek Queen of the Amazon Warrior Women, Greek Mythology Costumes

Penthesilea, Greek Queen of the Amazon Warrior Women Race in Greek Mythology is said to have invented the battle axe. We have Costumes that are great for Theme Parties, Theatrical or Renaissance and Medieval Festivals. We have costumes from head to toe or just the armor, weapons or accessories you need. This outfit or its components, could definitely work of Cosplay Events and Comic Con Characters. What is your ideas or a woman warrior?