'Pirate Ladies'

Dangerous Pirate Ladies Costume; Pirate Lady

Dangerous Pirate Ladies, Pirate Lady, Pirate Swords, Pirate Guns, Pirate boots, Pirate Hats

It’s a Pirate Takeover at Dallas Vintage Shop! Want to be a Dangerous Pirate with a Feminine side? Well we have the largest selection of Dangerous Pirate Ladies costumes and gear anywhere. We have everything from the moderate standard Halloween Economy quality costumes to theatrical and film Superior quality. You will find Corsets, Corset dresses, Leggings, amazing Skirts, many, many style tops & Peasant Blouses. You can find Pirate lady hats from quality real leather to pretty, decorated Deluxe costume quality Hats. Get fabric or leather clothing, shoes, boots, swords, pistols and so much more. We even have men’s pirate outfits too.

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Gorgeous, Seductive Pirate Wench Supreme Costumes

We can help you create the kind of Pirate Costume that makes the statement that you want to make. this Gorgeous, Seductive, Pirate Wench Supreme Costume is only one Pirate Wench Idea. Go as tough, sexy, glamorous, authentic or fantasy as you want. Bling it up or go as your favorite historical, TV Show or Movie Character. Our enormous selection will support whatever direction you want to go. We can do the same for men too.

Anne Bonny; Famous Pirate Costumes, Pirate Ladies

Pirate Lady Anne Bonny,, We have Mary Read, Ann Bonny, Female Pirate Costumes, Women Pirates Movie Pirates, Colonial Pirate Women's Attire

Pirate Lady Anne Bonny was one of the few female pirates who terrorized the Caribbean during the 18th century. This fearless lady pirate often wore men’s clothes to blend in better with the crowd. This is a Superior-Quality version from the hit TV Series, “Black Sails.” We also have a Glamorized version for those that want to look a little less like her historical form. Anne Bonny not your cup of tea? We have several different pirate ladies including Mary Read and several Unnamed Rustic, Dangerous, even Sexy Pirates to chose from at Dallas Vintage Shop!

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Gorgeous and Glamorous Deluxe Quality Pirate Woman Costume; Fancy Pirate Lady

Fancy pirate, sexy pirate, pirate hat, Pirate weapons, pirate lady costume, girl pirate costume

Looking to become a Gorgeous Fancy Pirate Woman for a themed party or a Renfest? Check out Dallas Vintage Shop for the largest collection of Ladies Pirate Costumes and Pirate Accessories in the DFW Area. We have everything for every budget from Standard Quality Costumes to Superior Pieces to build the most Outstanding Unique Pirate Lady you can. When it comes to being a pirate, we have anything you can dream off at Dallas Vintage Shop!

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Rustic Pirate Costumes, Women’s Costumes

Rustic Pirate, Pirate, Pirate Costume, Women's Pirate Costume, Pirate Hat, Pirate queen, girls pirate costume, pirate names, Rustic Pirate

Whether you prefer to be a “Black Sails” Maiden or a Rough and Tumble Pirate Stowaway for your Ren faire or Halloween costume, Dallas Vintage Shop has it all. This Rustic Pirate, reminiscent of Morgan Adams from “Cutthroat Island”, is just one of many you can create, or Bring a Picture of your favorite Black Sails or Pirates of Caribbean Pirate and let us help you build your Costume! We have an abundance of Women, Men, even Children Pirates, along with Weapons, Wigs, Jewelry, and Boots!


Arya Stark, Game of Thrones; Stowaway Pirates Costumes

arya stark, female pirate, lady pirate, girl pirate costume, pirate swords

Though technically for only a few episodes, Arya Stark could consider herself and her Sword, Needle, as Pirates during an early season of Game of Thrones! Get this Stowaway, Rapscallion look with just a few simple items and blend in with the party so no one will know you crhed it. For this and other Pirate Ladies, Men, Weapons, and Accessories, stop by Dallas Vintage Shop. Where we can turn any idea into a Reality for a great Cosplay Costume!

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Quality, Detailed Pirate Wench Diva Costumes Dallas

Looking for Quality, Detailed Pirate Wench Diva Costumes? Well you have just found the largest selection of ladies pirate costumes and gear anywhere. We have everything from the moderate standard Halloween quality costumes to theatrical and film quality. You will find corsets, corset dresses, gowns, amazing skirts, many, many style tops & blouses. pirate lady hats from quality real leather to pretty, decorated better costume quality hats, fabric or leather clothing, shoes boots, swords, pistols and so much more. We have men’s pirate outfits too.

Pirate Hats

Pirate HatsPirate Hats

Grace O’Malley Pirate Lady Costume

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Grace O’Malley Pirate Lady Costume

Famous Irish woman pirate who commanded 3 galleys and over 200 men.


Pirate Girl Costume

Pirate Girl Costume

Anne Bonny infamous pirate costume-glamorized version

We have costumes for wenches, pirate girls, rich pirate ladies and more. From crude to elegant or from rich to gypsy style, we have many dozens or styles of dresses, skirts, peasant blouses, lace blouses, leather belts, sashes, scarves, corsets, bodices, bustiers, petticoats, wigs, hats, berets, jewelry, boots, boot covers, swords, daggers, flintlocks, mesh fingerless gloves, fishnets, and items for the authentic look or blinged-out to the max diva pirate lady look.