Pretty Maiden Corseted Renaissance Dress & Corseted Dress Period Costumes

Get Corseted Dress Period Costumes, Renaissance Dresses, Period Dresses, Renaissance Ball Gowns, Renaissance Maidens Attire, Scarborough Renaissance Festival Dresses, Texas Renaissance Festival Costumes and Deluxe Ladies Renaissance Costumes at Dallas Vintage Shop.

We have a lot of corseted dresses for all Period Costumes including, Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian and more. This Pretty Maiden Corseted Dress Period Outfit is perfect for Texas Ren Fest and Scarborough Fair Costumes.

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We offer the largest selection of Renaissance Festival Costumes in the Dallas, DFW & North Texas Area.


Get Quality Corseted Dress Period Costumes for Theatrical & Renaissance Festival Events like this Renaissance Era Costume. There is plenty of other Renaissance Festival Maidens, Aristocrats, Lords & Ladies, Dukes & Duchesses & Royalty Attire at Dallas Vintage Shop.

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We have tons of Corseted Dress Period Costumes that are perfect for Outdoor Renaissance Festivals or for Outdoor Theatrical Costume Wardrobes. Keep in mind, we have other Gorgeous Corseted Dress Period Costumes ranging in price from Celebrity Status Outfits to Median Priced Theatrical & Economy Priced School Historical Project Costumes.

Nobody has a larger selection of Corseted Dress Period Costumes and Accessories than Dallas Vintage Shop.

Get Complete Renaissance Festival Outfits including Tudor Attire, Royalty Costumes for Men of Ladies, Period Jewelry and other Renaissance Royalty Jewelry. Also get Wigs & Makeup and more than you can imagine. You will find Supreme Quality Robes, Medallion Amulets, Aristocratic Rhinestone & Jeweled Necklaces, Huge Signet Rings & Broaches. You may just want some of the Economy Costumes and Accessories for Adults or Children we keep in stock. We have Historical Characters for School Project Costumes and Famous Historical Characters Outdoor Renaissance Festival Attire. Nobody has more Texas Renaissance Festival Costumes in stock, all year round in the anywhere. And no one has the diversity of pricing as Dallas Vintage Shop.

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Robin Hood Medieval Attire, Robin Hood Movie, Russell Crowe Costume

We can provide supreme Medieval Costumes for men or ladies. From Bandits and Riff Raff to the Sheriff of Nottingham Outfits. This Robin Hood Movie, Russell Crowe Costume, is a sample of what we can do for you. Period Attire, Post Medieval, Late Medieval, Medieval Fantasy or whatever, we have all the components needed to get you the costume of your dreams.

Little Red Riding Hood, Medieval Version Fairy Tale Characters Costumes

This Gorgeous Medieval Style Little Red Riding Hood Costume is excellent for Ren Fest, Theatrical or Film purposes. Some trace Little Red Riding Hood’s origin to a Medieval collection of children’s stories. Later, Charles Perrault, in the late 1600’s, wrote the more accepted version. Now you can create your own version of Red Riding Hood. Do you prefer a more innocent primitive little girly girl version, a sophisticated lavish gorgeous, ‘Once Upon a Time” TV Series style diva, a sexy, short skirted tavern wench or a tough, savvy leather & armor clad warrior maiden? We can absolutely provide any of that. There is no limit to what you can accomplish here. Assemble a complete outfit or get just the pieces you need.

Sir Galahad Medieval Knight Costume, Medieval Period Attire

Here is one idea for Sir Galahad, Medieval Knight, one of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table. What is your favorite Knight or Medieval Character. We can help you create, from scratch, whatever TV, Movie or Theatrical version of whatever Medieval Historical or Fictional or Cosplay Character you want. We have everything you need from head to toe. We even have wigs, weapons and jewelry for men, ladies and kids for any historical period.

Medieval Maiden Viking, Tough Scandinavian Warrior Costume DFW

Medieval Viking Maiden, Tough Scandinavian Warrior. We have plenty of Women”s Medieval International Costumes & Accessories.

Little John Robin Hood Costume for Scarborough Faire Ren Fest

Jubilant Little John found an abundance of Medieval and Ren Fest garb in his sizes at Dallas Vintage Shop. Now he’s ready to attend Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, TX. We have plenty of plus and giant sizes in Medieval, Renaissance and any other period Garb. You can also find any historical era movie character costumes you can imagine for men, ladies and kids, all in one place, all year round. From Royalty to Peasant Attire, we have it all.


Lagertha, Medieval Viking Warrior Costume: History Channel

This is Lagertha, a Medieval Viking Warrior from ‘Vikings’ on History Channel. The Viking Sheildmaiden, wife of Ragnar Lothbrok, would supposedly have become the reigning Queen of what would become Denmark in Scandinavian history. We have all the Viking Royalty Clothing, Warrior Attire & Armor worthy of Lagertha Lothbrok. Here you will find detailed pieces to help you create the costume of your dreams for Women or Men.

Medieval Manly Men Attire: Mercenaries, Soldiers, Swordsmen & Assassin Costumes

Join the ranks of Medieval Manly Men. We have Period Costumes & Accessories for Medieval Mercenaries, Soldiers, Swordsmen & Assassins. This is also our version of Strider(Aragorn) as LOTR Ranger. We have all the period clothing, costumes, weapons & accessories you’ll need to become your favorite Medieval or Fantasy Character.

Ladies Plus Size Renaissance Costumes: Lady Musketeer Supreme Costume & Accessories

Plus Size Renaissance Costumes & Plus Size Historical, Theatrical & Theme Party Costumes are abundant at Dallas Vintage Shop.

Ladies Plus Size Renaissance Musketeer Costume for Scarborough Fair, Texas Renaissance Festival or Renaissance Theatrical Attire. We have Ladies & Men’s Plus Size & Regular Size Renaissance Costumes and Plus Size Costumes for all of our Manifold Costume Categories for you to see here. Get XL, 2X, 3X Size Costumes for Decades, Centuries, Movie Characters and more.

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When you browse through our Plus Size Costume Category, it is important for you to remember that this Category contains just a very small fraction of the Plus Size Costumes for men & ladies. We have Plus Sizes in Any Decade, Any Century & Any Costume Theme you have ever heard of. So, as you browse our manifold Costume Categories, keep in mind that we have a Plus Size Costume for you.

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Dallas Vintage Shop is a Brick & Mortar, One Stop Shop for Costumes & Vintage Clothing! DRIVE across the Metroplex, take the DART TRAIN, hitch an UBER RIDE or FLY to Dallas. It’s worth the trip!


Plus Size Costume Ideas are vast at Dallas Vintage Shop!

Plus Size Costumes are innumerable here. Nobody beats Dallas Vintage Shop when it comes to Costumes & Ideas. We have the Quantity, Quality & Selection you need.

The following list includes a few of the Plus Size Movie Characters, Plus Size TV Show Characters, Plus Size Musicians & Celebrities we have Character Costumes for.

LIST of Plus Sized COSTUMES (photos may not be available but the costumes are):

…and this is just a fraction of the Plus Sized Costumes we have in stock. Click for more.

Remember, the 1000’s of Costumes you see on this Website is just a infinitesimal fraction of the DECADES Costumes or PERIOD  COSTUMES you will find in stock, all year round at Dallas Vintage Shop. The Ideas is for you to create any Character Costume you can imagine from any Movie Characters.

You will always find a ridiculously huge selection of anything and everything you could possible need to create any Theatrical, Film, Theme Party or Halloween Costume. Your Plus Size Outfit Choices are absolutely unlimited.

Dallas Vintage Shop has thousands of Accessories:

  • Hair Fashion Wigs
  • Fashion Jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Unlimited Trendy Accessories

Get complete outfits, complete wardrobes or just the accessories you need. Prices for 90’s Vintage Attire and Costumes range from Supreme Quality Celebrity Status Prices to Median Theatrical Quality, Halloween Costume Quality or Kids & Adults Economy Prices.

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Gretel Costume: Medieval Fantasy Witch Slayer Costume

Gretel Witch Slayer costume, Hansel and Gretel Costumes, Fantasy Medieval Gretel Costume, Ladies Medieval Gretel Costume, Gretel Movie Costume

If you are tired of all the Evil Witches become a witch slayer.


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