You will be absolutely…

amazed at our selection and diversity of clothing, hats, shoes, eyewear, jewelry, scarves, coats, capes, boas, props, etc., etc. we can hook you up with outfits for flappers, gangsters, pimps, hippies, rockers, swingers, pirates, clowns, madrigals, truckers, grannies, divas, preppies, etc., etc., etc. You will find clothing, costumes, outfits and accessories for theme parties, murder mystery dinners, children’s theater, bar mitzvahs, fashion shows, gigs, cabarets, proms and banquets, kids dress-up for boys and girls, swing and ball room dancing, lip-sink competitions, theme or period weddings, school historical dress-up days. Trends, such as pearl snaps, alternative clothing, little boys’ tees, truckers’ caps and clothing.

We have a church lady section, trailer trash section, tee-shirt section, men and womens wig section that get as crazy as you can imagine. There are hundreds of hats, and an unbelievable collection of ladies’ gloves in many colors, lengths and fabrics, animal prints, lace, metallic, sequin, solids, etc. That’s just barely scratching the surface. You just simply are not going to believe what all we have unless you come and see it for yourself and even then you still won’t believe it. We have complete outfits from head to toe, or the pieces you need to complete an outfit. You may just need accessories.

Most of our items are one of a kind. Our stock changes daily. So, as Forrest would say: “you never know what you’re gonna get.” Visit us on a regular basis.