Wishing You a Sexy 60’s Happy Holiday! Sexy Vintage Christmas Costumes

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‘Have a Sexy 60’s Holiday Darling!’ in our Vintage Holiday Costumes. Have a Sexy Holiday in any Decade. Nobody has more variety or creativity when it comes to Sexy Christmas Costumes than Dallas Vintage Shop.

Our Sexy Holiday Costumes include; Vintage Sexy, Glamorous Sexy Starlet Christmas Attire , Luxurious Boudoir Sexy Christmas Lingerie, 1920’s Sexy Flappers Christmas Costumes, Sexy 60’s Holiday Classic Styles, Happy Holiday Sexy Mrs. Santa, Sexy Christmas Elves, and many more Holiday Characters and Styles. We have Complete Outfits or just the Sexy Christmas Dresses or Accessories you need. Create the Christmas Sexy Look of your Dreams. We have options you will not find elsewhere because we are a Full Line Costume Shop & Vintage Clothing Store featuring Showy, Fabulous Quality Costumes with the ‘Wow!’ Factor. Our Holiday Jewelry, Faux Furs, Wigs, Hats and other Accent Pieces are Absolutely Fabulous & we want your Sexy Christmas Costume to make you look Marvelous.


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