1950’s TV Show Costumes: ‘I Love Lucy,’ Lucille Ball 1950’s Attire

Find all of your Favorite 1950’s TV Show Costumes like this ‘I Love Lucy,’ Lucille Ball 1950’s Attire. What is your favorite old TV Show Character? We have all your Favorite 1950’s Movie Character Costumes  too. This ‘I Love Lucy’ (1951-1957) Costume is a 1950’s Classic Sitcom Phenomenon. We keep all the most loved Hollywood Characters Supreme Quality Outfits in stock. We have Median and Economy Priced Costumes and Accessories too.  No matter who your favorite 50’s Movie Star, Historical Person, TV show or Hollywood Character is, we can hook you up with the costume of your dream. We have the 1950’s Style Wigs & all the right accessories to help you put together the most amazing outfit because nobody has more 1950’s Attire than us. From your Hollywood Iconic Movie Star Characters Outfits to 1950’s Theatrical Wardrobes we have what you need. Get 5o’s Formal Attire or 1950’s Historical Period Clothing, 50’s Vintage Pieces and 50’s Theme Party Costumes all here at Dallas Vintage Shop. Get Complete 50’s Outfits,  fully Accessorized, or just the pieces you need. We are open all year round to serve you.

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