1950’s I Love Lucy & Ricky Outfits, 1950’s ICONIC COUPLES

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This 1950’s Iconic Couples, I Love Lucy & Ricky Costume Idea is only one of many 1950’s Famous Hollywood TV Couples Outfits we have for you at Dallas Vintage Shop. One look at this cute 1950’s Ricky and Lucy Ricardo Couple and you remember the fun of this 50’s and 60’s TV Show. This is just one 50’s Famous Couple or TV Show Individual Character Costume Idea waiting for you. We have many 1950’s Hollywood Ladies or Couples Costume Ideas that are amazing. The sky is the limit. We have more 50’s Costumes thanyou can Imagine. Lucille Ball and Ricky Ricardo are 50’s Hollywood Icons. Since its origin in 1951, the ‘I Love Lucy’ Show has been a favorite of TV Entertainment. We have the 50’s Clothing and Costumes necessary to create this Ricky & Lucy Costume Combo very easily. We have the necessary 50’s Lucy Wig and other 50’s Hair Style Wigs, Men’s 50’s Fedoras, 50’s Classic Lucy Dresses, 50’s Men Suits & Sports Coats, Men’s 50’s Ties, Ladies 50’s Pillbox Hats, 50’s Day Gloves and Shoes and other 50’s Costume Accessories you need for any 1950’s Famous Couple or Individual History or Hollywood Movie & TV Shows. Who is your Favorite 1950’s Character? We have a Costume for that. We have the largest collection of 50’s Clothing, Costumes and Accessories in the Dallas, DFW and North Texas Area and we are open year round to serve your 1950’s Theatrical or Theme Party Costume needs.


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