1950’s Susie Homemaker Attire, 1950’s Ladies Fashions

Dress yourself in 1950’s Susie Homemaker Attire. We have a huge selection of 1950’s Ladies Fashion Printed Day Dresses and Window Shopping Classic Outfits. Like something out of the Better Homes & Gardens Magazine from the 1950’s, this Prim and Proper Susie Homemaker Outfit is here waiting for you. You will find more great 50’s Costume Ideas than you could ever imagine. We have 50’s Hair Fashion Wigs, Day Gloves, 50’s Proper Jewelry, 50’s Period Shoes and even the right stockings to complete any 50’s Look you want. Nobody has more 50’s Attire in the Metroplex than we do. You will find Vintage Clothing, Retro Dresses and Theatrical Attire and all the Period Accessories at Dallas Vintage Shop.

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