1950’s Voted ‘Most Popular’ Girl, 1950’s Costumes & Poodle Skirt Outfits

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Look at this 1950’s Voted ‘Most Popular’ Girl Costume. This 1950’s Poodle Skirt Outfit with 50’s Saddle Shoes & Poodle Socks, 50’s Cat Eye Glasses, 1950’s Argyle Sweater Top, 1950’s High Quality Flip Hairdo Wig, Bubble Gum Bobble Bracelet and her 50’s Jock Boyfriend’s Varsity Wool and Leather Letter Jacket is very Classic 1950’s Sock Hop Attire. Just know that this adorable 50’s Outfit is only one of thousands of complete 1950’s Great Costume Ideas we keep in stock all year round. It’s easy to put together the Best & Most Popular 50’s Costumes at Dallas Vintage Shop because nobody in the Dallas, DFW or North Texas Area has more 50’s Poodle Skirts, 50’s Vintage Clothing, 50’s Theatrical Wardrobes, 50’s Movie & TV Show Characters Outfits, 50’s Historical Characters or 50’s Hollywood Stars Supreme Quality Costumes than us. Get 1950’s Median Priced and Economy Priced Costumes or Accessories for School Projects or Theme Parties. We are open all year to serve you.

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