Smoking Jackets, Velvet & Satin Smoking Jackets, Quality Smoking Jackets

Look at our Quality Smoking Jackets, Shown here. This Velvet & Satin Smoking Jacket is in Stock. Get Smoking Jackets, Playboy Smoking Jackets, Satin Smoking Jackets, Silk Smoking Jackets, Velvet Smoking Jackets, Vintage Smoking Jackets, Luxurious Smoking Jackets, Burgundy Smoking Jackets, Hugh Hefner Smoking Jackets, Quality Smoking Jackets, Brocade Smoking Jackets, Real Smoking Jackets, Authentic Smoking Jackets, Maroon Smoking Jackets, Large Selection Smoking Jackets and more.

Dallas Vintage Shop is bringing back the Smoking Jacket. Get Smoking Jackets in a large variety of sizes and styles. We have Velvet & Satin Smoking Jackets, Brocade Smoking Jackets, Vintage Smoking Jackets, Silk Smoking Jackets and many other Quality Smoking Jackets that are kept well stocked and sold all year round. The Smoking Jacket has always been linked with Luxury and this Velvet Burgundy Smoking Jacket, shown above, is no exception! Whether you are looking for a Vintage Smoking Jacket, a Playboy Smoking Jacket, a Debonair Smoking Jacket, or just a silk lounging robe or silk or satin Lounging Pants, we have choices for you. This Luxurious Smoking Jacket, like Hugh Hefner’s Smoking Jacket is available in sizes all the way up to plus sizes is here at Dallas Vintage Shop. You will even find the Hugh Hefner Smoking Jacket with the Playboy Logo on the back here. We have a Smoking Jacket for you. Many of our popular Smoking Jackets can be found in a variety of sizes, however we do have a number of unique and special One-of-a-Kind Smoking Jackets if you are looking for something to help you stand out at your next Decades Theme Party or Hollywood Stars Party or for Quality Theatrical Stage Attire. We have the largest & most diverse collection of Smoking Jackets in the Dallas, DFW or North Texas Area.

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