Men’s Smoking Jackets, Hugh Hefner Classic Playboy Smoking Jacket

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Find great Vintage Men’s Smoking Jackets at Dallas Vintage Shop! But we have High quality Reproduction Men’s Smoking Jackets in all sizes up to 3X. Unbelievable? We are bringing back the Men’s Smoking Jacket! Whether you are planning a fun Vintage 1950’s party or just wanting to look Debonair as you lounge around the house, we have the Men’s Smoking Jacket for you. These amazing Men’s Smoking Jackets great for Vintage Hollywood Movie Characters Costumes or for Mad Men or Rat Pack Theme Parties. Enjoy the Luxury of these Quality Men’s Smoking Jackets and wear them to the next Oscars Watching Party. Many Movie Stars and Hollywood Celebrities practically lived in their Men’s Smoking Jackets and Fred Astaire was supposedly buried in his favorite Men’s Smoking Jacket. Orson Wells wore a Men’s Smoking Jacket in the Classic 1941 Movie ‘Citizen Cane.’ Rhett Butler, Clark Gable, in Gone With The Wind’ is another famous Men’s Smoking Jacket Scene from Old Hollywood Movies. There are many, many more. You will find Velvet Men’s Smoking Jackets, Satan or Silk Men’s Smoking Jackets and Brocade Men’s Smoking Jackets that are High Quality Reproduction Men’s Smoking Jackets made for today’s Men’s Sizes. Just looking for Men’s Smoking Jacket Accessories? We have Smoking Shoes & Slippers, Real and Novelty Smoking Pipes, a huge variety of Cigarette Holders and fake Cigars and Cigarettes if you are going to a Costume Theme Party. We have Quality Men’s Smoking Jacket Accessories like Fancy Silk or Satin Playboy or Regal Neckerchiefs and Ascots. Get Unbelievable Silk or Satin Shirts or Men’s Lounge Pants and the perfect Selection of Bow Ties and Pocket Squares to add to any Men’s Smoking Jacket to complete the look! Just remember, we are open all year round and our inventory is constantly growing. Do you want to make a killer impression at the next Costume Party? How about giving a Men’s Smoking Jacket to the Man who has everything, including yourself.

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