Gentleman’s Smoking Jackets, Ascots, Neckerchiefs, Slippers & Accessories

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Our Huge Selection of Gentleman’s Smoking Jackets, Ascots, Neckerchiefs, Smoking Slippers, Pipes, Men’s Jewelry & Accessories are perfect to help you create the Vintage Look in Old School Luxury Lounge Wear. If you are just lounging around or going to a Hollywood Theme Party, Dallas Vintage Shop has what you need. We are the Dallas Area’s largest Smoking Jacket Men’s Store in the Metroplex. Get Smoking Jackets in many styles, colors and fabrics. From Authentic & Vintage Smoking Jackets to Supreme Quality Reproduction Smoking Jackets & Costume Quality smoking Jackets, you will be amazed at your choices. We have sizes up XL and Plus Men. It’s hard to beat the Luxury and Comfort of a nice Smoking Jacket and they make great Hollywood Movie Stars, Billionaire Moguls or Theatrical Costumes.

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