Luxury Smoking Jackets, Accessories & Aristocratic Lounge Wear for Men

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Dallas vintage Shop is the source in North Texas for Luxury Smoking Jackets & Aristocratic Lounge Wear for Men. Dress like the Old Hollywood Moguls and Leading Men in Velvet Smoking Jackets, Silk or Satin Smoking Jackets and all of the Lavish Smoking Jackets Accessories you need like Silk & Satin Neckerchiefs & Ascots, Smoking Slippers, Smoking Pipes, Cigarette Holders, Men’s gaudy Broaches and Tycoon Worthy Jewelry. We provide Supreme Quality Smoking Jackets and Smoking Jacket Costumes to fit your need. Dress in Fine Quality Authentic Smoking Attire or the Great Quality, Median Quality or Economy Quality Costumes & Accessories for Costume Theme Parties or for Theatrical Wardrobes. Our Real Smoking Jackets may be Vintage or High Quality reproduction Smoking Jackets. Dress in a Real or Costume Smoking Jacket with all the Smoking Jacket Accessories. Famous Smoking Jacket Men are Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Duke Ellington, Orson Wells, Clifton Webb, Robert Walker, William Powell, Boris Karloff Raymond Novarro, Dean Martin and Fred Astaire, who is said to have been buried in his favorite Smoking Jacket. If you are recreating a Hollywood Movie Scene, emulating a Famous Billionaire or just wanting to own or give the Novelty and Luxury of a Men’s Smoking Jacket, we are sure to give you plenty of options. We are open all year to serve.

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