Moses Biblical Character Costume

Moses Costume, Moses Biblical Character Costumes, Old Testament Prophet Costumes, Bible Character Wigs & Beard and Ancient Period Theatrical Costumes are at Dallas Vintage Shop.

We Have this Moses Biblical Character Costume as well as many Old Testament Prophet Costumes, Bible Character Wigs & Beards and any Ancient Period Theatrical Costumes and Accessories you can imagine. Get Supreme Quality, Theatrical Quality & Kid’s Costume Quality Price Costumes & Accessories at Dallas Vintage Shop.


Moses & More  Biblical Character Costumes

Who is your favorite Passover or Israelite character from the Bible book of Exodus ? We have elaborate or simple Hebrew Iconic outfits depicting any of the heroes or villains from Moses & Aaron to Pharaoh. We also offer historical Jewish folk costumes or clothing for adults & kids. Get professional theatrical production wardrobes and outfits for any Easter Pageant, Kids Bible Play, Passover Seder or family celebration.

Moses Biblical Character Costumes for Theatrical, Church Pageants, Passover & Children’s Plays

Create or improve your Easter or Passover holiday traditions with costumes.  Reenact crossing the Red Sea and the liberation of the Hebrew Nation with some creativity for kids and adults alike. You will find Supreme Quality Biblical Robes, Wigs, Beards, Makeup and great ideas at Dallas Vintage Shop. We are open year round.

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