Men’s Cattle Baron’s Ball Outfits: Old West Leather Lapel Vests & Ascots

Look striking in Men’s Cattle Baron’s Ball Outfits  from Dallas Vintage Shop because we have Vintage and Reproduction Western wear pieces with Character and Distinction. This Old West Leather Lapel Vests & Ascots is worthy of the Cattle Baron’s Ball Mega Fundraiser Charity Event. We have other Men’s Leather Vests, Blazers, Western Wear, Bolo Ties, Ascots, Collar Tips, Boot Tips, Name Brand Western Wear Jeans & Coats and many very Unique Fashionable Outfits and Clothing Pieces that would integrate well with you ‘Go To’ Cocktail Party or Formal Wear favorite ‘Going out on the Town’ Attire. Mix Statement Making Cowboy or Western fashion elements with your more Mainstream or Cosmopolitan Clothing to come you with your own Handsome Cattle Baron’s Ball Outfit. We are glad to help. We have many other ideas. Our Vintage and Old West Original Crease Cowboy hats are a level above the typical everyday Cowboy Hat. Add some Flair to your cattle Baron’s Ball Getup and look Great for the Charity Event of the Year.

Here’s INFO: Cowtown Ball Ft. Worth Location, Times, Dates, Details & Dress Code.

What to Wear to the Cattle Baron’s Ball.

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