50’s Era Guys: Fonzie, Happy Days Costumes, 50’s Tough Guys

50’s Era Guys: Fonzie, Happy Days Costumes Dallas. This Fonzie, Happy Days Costume is an example of the thousands of TV Show Favorite 50’s Character Costume Ideas we keep in stock. Happy days TV show aired from 1974 to 1984 and takes place from the mid 50’s to the mid 60’s. This is a classic look for the 50’s is perfect for 50’s Sock Hop Guys Costume ideas. Who, from the 50’s, do you want to be? We have the 50’s Fonzie Wig, The 50’s Tough Guy Leather Jackets, 50’s Sunglasses and all the 50’s Accessories you could possibly need. We can do any of the TV Show Sitcom Characters and 1950’s Iconic Movie Characters Outfits. Get Super Supreme Quality 50’s Attire, Vintage Clothing, 50’s Reproduction Period Outfits. We have the largest and most comprehensive selection of 1950’s Costumes in Dallas or anywhere.

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