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Masquerade Feather Masks are a very popular choice of mask for Women. Our Masquerade Masks with Feathers are available in many styles and colors at Dallas Vintage Shop. We can even add a feather of a variety of sizes and colors to your mask to make a perfect, One of a Kind, Masquerade Mask for your party or event!

Masquerade Feather Mask

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Feather Masks are perfect for Mardi Gras Parties, Masquerade Balls, New Year’s Eve Events, and Costume Parties. The Beautiful and Elegant Masquerade Masks are made even more fun when adorned with feathers. Feather Masquerade Masks always add a soft and magical touch and the perfect amount of Flare or Glam to stand out in a sea of Party Masks!

Men's Roman Feather Masquerade Mask

This Men’s Roman Masquerade Mask with Feathers is perfect for any Masquerade Ball or Venetian Costume. There are many different versions and colors of this mask meaning it will match nearly any Suit or Costume!

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Looking for a Beautiful, Purple, Feathered Mask? We have the perfect masks for you! Whether you are looking for Lace, Embroidery, Jewels, or Glitter; our masks are sure to meet your approval. This Mask and Outfit are perfect as part of Carnival, Halloween, Masquerade Ball, or Mardi Gras Parties? Great for a Masquerade Wedding!























Get Celebrity Status Quality to Median & Economy Priced Attire at Dallas Vintage Shop.

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We have Dallas’ largest collection of Masquereade Masks and Clothing from the 1910’s to the 1990’s. When it comes to Masks & Clothing & Costumes for Ladies & Men, Children & Adults and Vintage Sized to Plus Sizes, nobody even begins to come close to our Quality, Diversity and Volume. Get One Outfit, One Item or an Entire Wardrobe with Wigs, Facial Hair and Makeup to match. We are open all year round.


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