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Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin Costume, English Actor & Hollywood Icon

Ger Outfits & Costues for English Actors, English Actors Costumes, Famous Englishmen, Famous English Movie Stars, Historical British Men Attire, Iconic British Characters Attire, International English Traditional Attire, British Historical Costumes, British Movie Stars, Most Famous British Persons,

Looking for Famous Englishmen or International British Characters Costumes? We have a ton of English Movie Stars & Historical Characters Outfits for any British Actor or Comedian you can think of. This Classic Charlie Chaplin Costume as seen in ‘The Tramp’ established his iconic Chaplin persona in 1915. His career soared in the 1920’s. Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin was a British comedian, producer, writer, director, and composer. Another Classic Chaplin production is the 1931 film ‘City Lights. This Charlie Chaplin typical British Bowler Hat, Cain & Suit works for Englishmen Attire for the late 1800’s, the 1910s, 1920s & 1930s and is only one of many great costume ideas for Famous Brits. Dallas Vintage Shop provided this and other great British Iconic Characters Outfits from Historical British Characters, British Movies and Movies about Historical Great Briton. We have all the International Attire you need. Get Supreme Quality or Economy Costumes for Theatrical Productions or Hollywood Theme Parties. Why don’t you host a British Movie Stars Theme Party?

British Father Christmas Costume, English Santa Father Christmas Costume

British Father Christmas Costume, English Father Christmas Costume, British Santa Clause Costume, English Santa Costume, Father Christmas Head Wreath, Father Christmas Robe, Father Christmas Wig & Beard from Dallas Vintage Shop.

This Super High Quality British Father Christmas Costume is just one Luxurious English Version of Santa. Our Supreme Quality Father Christmas Robe is Lavish & the Father Christmas Head Wreath is gorgeous. You will also find professional quality Father Christmas Wigs, Beards, Gloves along with this Rich Golden Cord Father Christmas Belt with giant tassels.


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British Father Christmas Costume Available at Dallas Vintage Shop.

Our Impressive, High Quality British Father Christmas Costume, shown above, includes a Deep Green Velvet Robe, fit for royalty or for an impressive English Father Christmas Outfit.  We’ve accented this gorgeous robe with lavish golden decorative trim and it is edged in luxurious fur. Notice the regal belt made of thick golden cords that are embellished with large impressive tassels. The Father Christmas wig & beard are superior in quality and appearance. Our English and European Version of Santa, Father Christmas is crowned with a lovely, rustic holly & twig wreath. We have Father Christmas Gloves & Father Christmas style Christmas Present Santa Bags too.

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You will find all the English Father Christmas Costumes, Accessories, Makeup, Wigs & Facial Hair you need to create any Santa Character from The Ghost of Christmas Present in Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ including but not limited to the following Father Christmas Character Idens:

  • Father Christmas Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Father Christmas British Traditional Santa Attire
  • Father Christmas European Santa Versions
  • Father Christmas Luxurious Green Robe
  • Father Christmas Robes in many Styles & Colors
  • Father Christmas Rustic Head Wreathes
  • Father Christmas Quality Wigs & Beards
  • Father Christmas Staff
  • Father Christmas Gloves, Glasses & Boots
  • Father Christmas Bag for Christmas Presents

Now you can create your own version of Father Christmas from our vast collection of Victorian, Dickens, Colonial, Medieval & Renaissance Attire.

British Father Christmas Costume & Unlimited English Holiday Costume Ideas from DFW’s Largest, Permanent Theatrical Costume Shop

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Sir Isaac Newton: English Renaissance Physicist

Mens Renaissance English Costumes, Sir Isaac Newton Costume, Renaissance Men Costumes, Reniassance Period Mens Costume, Renaissance Costumes Dallas, Texas Ren Fest, Texas Ren Fest 2014, Texas Ren Fest 10/11-11/31, Texas Renaissance Fest 2014, Texas Renaissance Festival, Texas Renaissance Festival 10/11-11/30, Tex Ren Fest Costumes, Texas Ren Fest Costumes, Texas Renaissance Festival Costumes, Texas Renaissance Festival Costumes Dallas,

Renaissance Costume Ideas for adults and children. We have a huge variety of Renaissance Character Costumes. We have complete outfits or just accessories like renaissance wigs or shirts or pants. We have it all.


Sir Isaac Newton Costume

Vintage Apparel: 1920’s Vintage English Hunting Attire, Men’s 1920’s Vintage Wool Tweed Hunting Clothing, Men’s 1920’s Costume Ideas

We sell Vintage Apparel: 1920's Vintage English Hunting Attire, Men's 1920's Vintage Wool Tweed Hunting Clothing & Men's 1920's Costume Ideas. Get Vintage Apparel, Vintage Clothing, Vintage Attire, Vintage Wool Clothing, Vintage Tweed Clothing, Vintage Herringbone Clothing, Vintage Wool Vests, Vintage Wool Men's Clothing, Vintage Wool Suits, Vintage Tweed Suits, Vintage Preppy Clothing, Vintage Edwardian Clothing, Vintage 1920's Clothing, Vintage Men's Suits, Vintage Newsy Costumes, Vintage Cabby Caps, Vintage Men's Hats, Vintage Downton Abbey Attire in our Dallas Vintage Clothing Store.

Dallas Vintage Apparel is plentiful at Dallas Vintage Shop. Get this 1920’s Vintage English Hunting Outfit that includes this Men’s Vintage Wool Tweed Hunting Jacket, Vintage Wool Vest, Vintage Wool Broad Striped Trousers, English Wool Tweed Hunting Cap and Men’s Vintage Leather Hunting Shoulder Bag. This Vintage Downton Abby Hunting Party Outfit was easily assembled from our vast supply of Quality Vintage Apparel, which we keep in stock all year round. This amazing Vintage Clothing Ensemble could work for many  Men’s Historical Costumes for Theatrical Vintage Costumes or Historical School Project Costumes and Vintage Famous Characters Outfits. Our Vintage Preppy Apparel collection is huge. Get Vintage Wool Tweed Clothing, Vintage Herringbone Articles of Clothing, Vintage Men’s Vests, Vintage Cabby Caps, Vintage Fedoras & Bowler Hats, Vintage Men’s Wool, Tweed, Houndstooth, Plaid or other Vintage Trousers. This Vintage outfit is the perfect Newsy, Dickens, Preppy, Edwardian of Turn of the Century Theatrical or Historical Project Costume. We are open all year to provide your Vintage Apparel Needs.

English King Henry VIII, Renaissance Child & Youth Historical Characters Costumes

We have this English King, Henry VIII, Renaissance Child & Youth Historical Character Costume. Get quality youth costumes for Renaissance Festivals, Historical School Project Characters, Scarborough Fair, Texas Renaissance Festival or for Children’s Theatrical Productions. You will find Child Historical Period Attire for any decade, century or any historical person. We are happy to provide adult & children’s costume need throughout the Dallas, DFW & North Texas Area.


King Arthur Costume

Clive Owen King Arthur Costume, Legendary King Arthur

King Arthur Costume, Clive Owen

Excalibur Replica Sword

Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed

English 1990's Costumes Dody and Princess Diana, Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed Dallas, Princess Diana Costume, Princess Diana Costume Dallas, Princess Diana Dress, Princess Diana Dress Dallas, Princess Diana Style Dress, Princess Diana Style Dress Dallas, Princess Diana Outfit, Princess Diana Outfit Dallas, Dody Costume, Dodi Costume Dallas, Dodi Costume, Dodi Costume Dallas, Dodi Fayed Costume, Dodi Fayed Costume Dallas, Dodi Fayed Suit, Dodi Fayed Suit Dallas, Dodi Fayed Outfit, Dodi Fayed Outfit Dallas, Couples Costume, Couples Costume Dallas, Couples Costume Ideas, Couples Costumes ideas Dallas, Princess Diana and Dodi Couples Costume, Princess Diana and Dodi Couples Costume Dallas,
1990’s Costumes Dody and Princess Diana


Beowulf English Costume, Beowulf, Beowulf Dallas, Beowulf Costume, Beowulf Costume Dallas, Beowulf Outfit, Beowulf Outfit Dallas, Beowulf Fur Costume, Beowulf Fur Costume Dallas, Beowulf Fur Outfit, Beowulf Fur Outfit Dallas, Beowulf Costume

The Beatles

English The Beatles Sgt. Peppers Costumes, Beatles, Beatles Dallas, Beatles Costumes, Beatles Costumes Dallas, Sgt. Pepper, Sgt Pepper Dallas, Beatles St. Pepper, Beatles Sgt. Pepper Dallas, Sgt. Pepper Costumes, Sgt. Pepper Costumes Dallas, Beatles Sgt. Pepper Costumes, Beatles Sgt. Pepper Costumes Dallas, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band Dallas, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band Costumes, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band Costumes Dallas,

Sgt. Pepper’s lonely heart club band costumes

English Riding Club Costume

English Riding Club Costume, English Riding Club, English Riding Club Dallas, English Riding Club Costume, English Riding Club Costume Dallas, Riding Club Outfit, Riding Club Outfit Dallas, Riding Club Costume, Riding Club Costume Dallas, English Riding Club Attire, English Riding Club Attire Dallas, English Riding Gentlemans Attire, English Riding Gentlemans Attire Dallas,

English Riding Club Costume