Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin Costume, English Actor & Hollywood Icon

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Looking for Famous Englishmen or International British Characters Costumes? We have a ton of English Movie Stars & Historical Characters Outfits for any British Actor or Comedian you can think of. This Classic Charlie Chaplin Costume as seen in ‘The Tramp’ established his iconic Chaplin persona in 1915. His career soared in the 1920’s. Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin was a British comedian, producer, writer, director, and composer. Another Classic Chaplin production is the 1931 film ‘City Lights. This Charlie Chaplin typical British Bowler Hat, Cain & Suit works for Englishmen Attire for the late 1800’s, the 1910s, 1920s & 1930s and is only one of many great costume ideas for Famous Brits. Dallas Vintage Shop provided this and other great British Iconic Characters Outfits from Historical British Characters, British Movies and Movies about Historical Great Briton. We have all the International Attire you need. Get Supreme Quality or Economy Costumes for Theatrical Productions or Hollywood Theme Parties. Why don’t you host a British Movie Stars Theme Party?

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