British Father Christmas Costume, English Santa Father Christmas Costume

British Father Christmas Costume, English Father Christmas Costume, British Santa Clause Costume, English Santa Costume, Father Christmas Head Wreath, Father Christmas Robe, Father Christmas Wig & Beard from Dallas Vintage Shop.

This Super High Quality British Father Christmas Costume is just one Luxurious English Version of Santa. Our Supreme Quality Father Christmas Robe is Lavish & the Father Christmas Head Wreath is gorgeous. You will also find professional quality Father Christmas Wigs, Beards, Gloves along with this Rich Golden Cord Father Christmas Belt with giant tassels.


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British Father Christmas Costume Available at Dallas Vintage Shop.

Our Impressive, High Quality British Father Christmas Costume, shown above, includes a Deep Green Velvet Robe, fit for royalty or for an impressive English Father Christmas Outfit.  We’ve accented this gorgeous robe with lavish golden decorative trim and it is edged in luxurious fur. Notice the regal belt made of thick golden cords that are embellished with large impressive tassels. The Father Christmas wig & beard are superior in quality and appearance. Our English and European Version of Santa, Father Christmas is crowned with a lovely, rustic holly & twig wreath. We have Father Christmas Gloves & Father Christmas style Christmas Present Santa Bags too.

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You will find all the English Father Christmas Costumes, Accessories, Makeup, Wigs & Facial Hair you need to create any Santa Character from The Ghost of Christmas Present in Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ including but not limited to the following Father Christmas Character Idens:

  • Father Christmas Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Father Christmas British Traditional Santa Attire
  • Father Christmas European Santa Versions
  • Father Christmas Luxurious Green Robe
  • Father Christmas Robes in many Styles & Colors
  • Father Christmas Rustic Head Wreathes
  • Father Christmas Quality Wigs & Beards
  • Father Christmas Staff
  • Father Christmas Gloves, Glasses & Boots
  • Father Christmas Bag for Christmas Presents

Now you can create your own version of Father Christmas from our vast collection of Victorian, Dickens, Colonial, Medieval & Renaissance Attire.

British Father Christmas Costume & Unlimited English Holiday Costume Ideas from DFW’s Largest, Permanent Theatrical Costume Shop

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