Cloth Mask Coverings Usage in Phased Reopenings of Businesses.

Cloth Mask Coverings, Reopening Regulations Cloth Mask Use, Covid 19 Cloth Mask Coverings are at Dallas Vintage Shop.

Cloth Mask Coverings will be used for the Phased Business Reopenings. Therefore, we have created and produced Cloth Masks for men, like this camo or this solid black manly Cloth Face Covering. We have Texas Flag, American Flag, Bandana Print and other masculine fabric print Cloth Masks. Don’t forget to check out our ladies Cloth Mask Selection.

CLOTH MASK COVERINGS: Phased Reopening Regulations; Get Camo or Black Cloth Masks Coverings & Many Fabric Print Masks Available

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Cloth Mask Covering Regulations during the Economic Reopening will be required. But don’t worry, Dallas Vintage Shop has created Cloth Masks for men. Look studly in Camo Face Masks or Black Face Masks.  We have many more Covid 19 Fabric Masks including Texas Flag Masks, American Flag Face Coverings, pin stripes, tweed, glen plaid, dark or earth tone plaids or get simple styles like solid black, khaki, gray or white and so many more. Call for photos, Shipping, Curbside or Delivery of these amazing Fabric Face Coverings. Get several and throw them into the wash or hand wash. Always be ready and safe! Plenty of these reusable Face Coverings are in stock. We have very many wonderful styles for ladies too.


Our cloth face masks will help you keep your hands off of and away from your face and nose. They will also help YOU to not share your germs when coughing or sneezing.

These masks are washable and reusable. Please hand wash and hang to dry.

OFFERING  QUALITY, QUANTITY & VARIETY in COSTUMES & Cloth Mask Coverings in Men & Ladies Styles.

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