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Voodoo Witch Doctor Supreme Quality Costume

This super high quality Voodoo Witch Doctor Outfit is just a sample of the interesting Voodoo Witch Doctor costumes you can easily assemble from our unlimited collection of Voodoo & Witch Doctor components designed to impress and amuse.


Voodoo Witch Doctor getups abound. From creepy Victorian Goth to impressive and amusing Voodoo regalia from Fat Tuesday & old school Mardi Gras funeral bands to Theme Parties & Goth Balls in Dallas,  We have the largest variety of complete Voodoo Witch Doctor outfits anywhere. Our Voodoo makeup & wigs are unbelievable. There is not a larger or more diverse selection of Voodoo Witch Doctor Outfits anywhere, than at Dallas Vintage Shop.

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What does it take to create a realistic and impressive Voodoo Witch Doctor? We have an incomprehensible, curious and detailed collection of  Witch Doctor hats, head dresses, wigs, makeup, leather attire, mesh & gauze clothing, tribal gear, creepy wraps, cloaks, capes, bone & skull gear, belts, Victorian jewelry, Goth attire and more than you could possibly believe, in stock, all year round.


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