Vintage Ties and Vests

Vintage Ties, 80’s Ties
Vintage Ties, 80’s Ties

Vintage Vests for Every Decade and Century

Western Vests
Detailed Vintage Vests including Tapestry, Lapel Collars, Many Colors and Styles

vintage ties
Ties: Vintage, Polka Dot, Deco, Stripes, Solids

vintage ties
20’s, 30’s, 40’s Ties

We have ties from all periods. We have solids, red, black, white, purple, lime green, polkadots, art deco, skinny, wide polyester, knit, ganster, silver and gold metalic, patriotic, jazzy, 20’s-80’s, 90’s power ties and many, many more. We have pocket squares to match our ties. There are vintage and modern bowties and cumberbuns. We have a huge selection of vintage suspenders.

vintage ties
Skinny Ties, 50’s, 60’s and 80’s Ties

vintage bow ties
Vintage Bow Ties

DALLAS VINTAGE MEGASTORE-Providing Premium VINTAGE CLOTHING in Dallas and VINTAGE CLOTHING for Theater, Film, Bands and Theme parties.

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