1950’s & 60’s Vintage Christmas Sweaters and Complete Christmas Outfits

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Buy 50s and 60s Vintage Christmas Sweaters at Dallas Vintage Shop. We can give you the complete 50s look to match your vintage sweater or we help you create any look to match whatever Christmas sweater you want.

Vintage Christmas Sweaters. You will never find a Christmas Sweater collection like ours. We have Vintage Christmas Sweaters like 50’s & 60’s cute and Preppy Christmas Sweaters, 80’s overdone-to-death Christmas Sweaters. There are Gaudy Holiday Sweaters, Ugly Christmas Sweaters, Cutesy Holiday Sweaters, traditional Holiday Sweaters, simple Holiday Sweaters, attention getting Christmas Sweaters and more styles, sizes and themes than anyone. You’ll find Ugly Christmas in sizes for girls, boys, ladies, men, big & tall and plus sizes. We have hats, glasses, gloves, jewelry and any other accessory to compliment your vintage or tacky Christmas Sweaters.

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