Resort Wear, Tropical Ladies Attire: Vogue to Vintage, Chic to Flamboyant.

Tropical Ladies Attire at Dallas Vintage Shop is very diverse including Chic Vogue Resort Wear, Chic Vintage Attire, Tropical Print Dresses, Wraps & Shirts and Oversized Floppy Tropical Sun Hats.

Tropical Ladies Attire from Dallas Vintage Shop includes, Fashionable Tropical Sun Hats, Tropical Print Chiffon Ponchos & Wraps, Tropical Oversized Jewelry & Sun Glasses & Tropical Ladies Vogue or Vintage Dresses.

Tropical Ladies Attire at Dallas Vintage Shop is very diverse in every way. Get Chic, Vogue Resort Wear; Elegant, Vintage Tropical Clothing; Bold, Stylish Tropical Print Dresses; Flowing, Elegant, Tropical Swim Suit Wraps & Ponchos and Oversized, Fashionable, Floppy, Tropical Sun Hats.
Since we are a full line costume shop we offer Tropical Attire & Accessories all year round for TV Commercials, Film & Theatrical Productions. That is why our selection is so encyclopedic in nature. From Decades & Vintage Couture Tropical Print Clothing to Hollywood Vogue Tropical Beach Wear, from Iconic Tropical Resort Rat Pack Men’s & Ladies Resort Wear to Rich, Lavish Iconic Moguls & Divas, we have outfits for every Tropical  Look imaginable.
Our Tropical Sun Hat Selection is enormous, ranging from Huge, Oversized Floppy Hats to Cute Little Tropical Hat Creations.  You will find Unique, Oversized Tropical Ladies Jewelry that perfectly matched any Tropical Outfit, from Carmen Miranda to Movie Star Guests that you would see during the heyday of the Tropicana Club, Havana Cuba. Tropical Ensembles from Dallas Vintage Shop are Statement Making or Jaw Dropping for a reason. We are the Fashion Stylists choice for Tropical Fashionable Getups for Theme Parties, Luaus or Hollywood Movie Character Impersonators and Professional Actors. Nowhere else can you get the Decades and Period Tropical Fashions you need to create any stereo type or iconic persona you require. You simply can’t imagine what awaits you, like Dramatic, Unforgettable Sun Hats; Iconic 50’s, 60’s or 70’s Tropical Print Dresses & Shirts; Tropical Jewelry for Glamorous Islander Aristocrats and Kitschy, Humorous Outfits for Tropical Tourists, Surfer Dudes or Iconic Beach Bums. Not to worry, the Vintage Sun Glasses, Period Accessories and Eclectic or Vogue Tropical Clothing is here.

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