Ball Gowns, Tuxedos and clothing for the rich and famous, the steerage, the servants or shipmates on the Titanic are available in abundance at our store. If you are costuming for a theatrical production or for a Titanic theme party we have what you need. You may want to emulate the very fancy outfits of Rose Dewitt Bukater, her mother and her mothers’ socialite friends, Cal Nathan Hockley, the “Unsinkable” Molly Brown or others aboard the Luxurious RMS Titanic. You may want to dress like Jack Dawson, the steerage or the immigrants and servants who dance and party on the lower decks with Jack and Rose before the Titanic sinks on its maiden voyage in 1912. Whatever the case, you will find more than enough simple or sophisticated vintage clothing, dresses, suits, tuxedos, period hats, gloves, jewelry and all other accessories for men and women.

Don’t forget to download and print the photos of the costumes you wish to create and bring them with you.

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