Texas Renaissance Festival 2024 Update: Details & Costume Info

Here is your Texas Renaissance Festival 2024 Update that includes all the Schedules, Dates, Ticket Purchasing Links & Themed Weekend Information. You will also find TRF 2024 Costume Restrictions and our detailed guide to Costume Ideas to help you go to TRF in style.

Texas Renaissance Festival 2024 Update: Dates, Schedule, Tickets, Themed Weekends, Costumes, Costume Rules Info.

Texas Renaissance Festival 2024 Update: This King Henry VIII costume is just one of 1000’s of Ren Fest Costume we keep in stock that help you get ready for your 2024 TRF excursion. Get all the important TRF Info BELOW. Get the best TRF costume ideas BELOW. And get TRF Costume Rules listed BELOW.

Texas Renaissance Festival 2024 Update

Imagine going to TRF in this amazing King Henry VIII Costume from our huge collection of Renaissance Royalty Characters Quality Attire. Or, get complete outfits for Lords & Ladies, Dukes & Duchesses, Squires & Ladies in Waiting, Male or Female Historical or Fantasy Warriors, Story Tale &  Fictional Characters and more. You will find Fairies & Wenches or Trolls and Princes. Plan a Ren Fest Wedding with a huge variety of period garb and Costumes for your Wedding Court and Guests. Don’t forget about Swords, Daggers, Sword Belts, Baldrics, Frogs, Sheaths, Money Bags, Belt Pouches & Messenger Bags. If you need Renaissance Character Wigs, Facial Hair or Special Effects Makeup for Fantasy Creatures we have more than you can imagine. You can’s imagine our really huge collection of Renaissance Jewelry for Royalty or Merchant Class Characters. From amazing Chain of Office Pieces to Viking Hammer or other Symbol Necklaces, Signet Rings, Drinking Tankards with Strap Holders. We have all the finishing touches you need. Get Robes, Cloaks & Capes. Find Leather & Fur Clothing, Collars & Stoles, Fur Wrist & Leg Wraps from crude to astonishingly detailed. You will find Economy & Moderately Priced Costumes to Quality Garb & Gear that will impress you.

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October 12 – December 1, plus Thanksgiving Friday 9am – 8pm, 2024

If you are planning to go the the Texas Renaissance Festival then come to Dallas Vintage Shop First. People from all over Texas and elsewhere call or visit us for complete Ren Fest Outfits or just the items that will help them define, complete or update their current Ren Fest costumes. We love helping our customers to look their best and feel well prepared for TRF, so we have included important links to the 2024 TEXAS RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL website for your convenience BELOW.



Texas Renaissance Festival 2024, Renaissance or Medieval Attire

Who is your favorite Renaissance Festival Royalty Characters? Fairy Tale Characters? Historical Characters? It doesn’t matter because we can hook you up with Historical, TV and Movie Characters or totally fictional TV, Media or Film Character Outfits. We have what you need to create your Ren Fest Costume from head to toe. If you want Viking, Medieval, Renaissance or even Fantasy Costumes you will never find a Larger and More Complete Collection of Weapons, Garb & Accessories anywhere in the Universe.


2024 Texas Renaissance Festival Viking Attire & Costumes for

Texas Renaissance Festival All Themed Weekends, Full Descriptions, Dates & Times:

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