Pink Flamingo Tacky Christmas Sweaters, Lighted Palm Tree Tacky Christmas Sweater, Dallas Tacky Christmas Sweater Shop

FRONT VIEW: Pink Flamingo Tacky Christmas Sweaters with Lighted Palm Tree. We have the best Ugly Christmas Sweaters in Dallas & North Texas.

BACK VIEW: Flamingo Christmas Sweater with Flamingo Butt and Huge Santa Face with Elvis Sunglasses. We have racks and racks or silly Tacky Christmas Sweaters. Hurry in for best selection but don’t worry, we won’t run out. We are the Supreme Tacky Christmas Sweater Shop in the Dallas Area.

Tacky Christmas Sweaters. We have Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dallas & North Texas Ugly Christmas Sweater Theme Party goers. These Hilarious Christmas Sweaters are actually pretty amazing. Many or our Ugly Christmas Sweaters are one-of-a-kind, highly detailed works of art. So many or our Ugly Christmas Sweaters are quite unique, like the Tasmanian Devil Ugly Holiday Sweater, the Snoopy Cute Christmas Sweater and the Support Our Troops Patriotic Christmas Sweater. There are also many cute and cuddly stuffed animal Themed Christmas Sweaters to choose from. We have Teddy Bear Ugly Christmas Sweaters, Puppy Dog Christmas Sweaters, Reindeer Christmas Sweaters, Moose Tack Christmas Sweaters and more. This is just a few mentions of some of the Ugly Christmas Sweaters we have in stock, waiting for you to come in to see. We have Christmas Santa, Elf & Nativity Scene Bible Characters Christmas Costumes too.

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