Tacky Christmas Sweater Shop, Choo Choo Reindeer Tacky Christmas Sweater

Check out our Tacky Christmas Sweater Shop. We have a huge inventory of Crazy Ugly Christmas Sweaters at Dallas Vintage Shop. There are tons of fun, crazy decorated Christmas Sweaters for men and ladies of all sizes. This three dimensional, stuffed train & stuffed Reindeer Christmas Sweater is really cute and it is just one of many OOAK Ugly Christmas Sweaters we have in stock.

Tacky Christmas Sweater Shop. We provide Dallas and the surrounding area with the most original & creative Christmas Sweaters you have ever seen. This Teddy Bear Christmas Choo Choo is just one Cute Christmas Sweater in stock. Come check out our Huge Selection with Themed Holiday Sweaters like:  Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad, Santa & Elves. Lighted Christmas Wreath, Wile E. Coyote, Garfield & Odie, Hip Hop Rapper, 50’s & 60’s, 80’s, Giant Santa Face, Giant Attached Elf, Christmas Reindeer and so many more Ugly Christmas Sweaters it’s Ridiculous. Get ready for your Ugly Christmas Party in style at Dallas Vintage Shop.

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