SCARBOROUGH UPDATE: Themed Weekend, Live the Fantasy Fairy Costume

SCARBOROUGH UPDATE: All Themed Weekend Info, Week by Week Schedule, SRF Themed Weekend Costume Themes, Week by Week SRF Scarborough Costume Themes, SRF Event Themes April & May 2018

SCARBOROUGH UPDATE: All Themed Weekend Info, Week by Week Schedule. This amazing Fantasy Fairy Costume is one great Live the Fantasy Weekend Outfit. 

Scarborough Renaissance Festival Weekends: Live the Fantasy; Fantasy Fairy Costume.

We have Tons more. Build your own Ren Fest, Mystical, Magical or Medieval Fairy from the most amazing collection of Fairy like Clothing, Garb and Costume Pieces and Accessories. We have an unbelievable assortment of Beautiful Wings, Fairy and Pixie Wigs, Pointy Elven Ears, Fantasy Fairy Jewelry, Medieval Jewelry, Renaissance Jewelry and Fairy Like blouses, skirts corsets, dresses, masks and so, so much more. Make sure you make your plans to stay for a while because it will take time to see everything we have to offer. Be picky. Be creative. Take enough time to build a costume that is unique.

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