Fancy Pirate Captain Costume, Baroque Pirate Attire, Quality Pirate Wigs & Tricorn Pirate Hats

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This Baroque Style Fancy Pirate Captain Outfit is just one style of Pirate Captain or Buccaneer outfit you can create from our huge collection of pirate clothing that we keep in stock. Dallas Vintage Shop has the most amazing selection of beautiful, quality pirate captain coats, jackets and vests. From Captain Morgan to rough and rowdy buccaneers, we have the pirate attire you want. You will find racks and racks of Colonial & Baroque pirate shirts, pirate pants, pirate hats, pirate belts, pirate boots and boot covers, pirate earrings, rings, pirate sashes, pirate swords, pirate guns and knives, pirate sword belts, pirate baldrics and more. Get high quality outfits or economy outfits for men, ladies and kids.


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