Punk, Rap and Hip-Hop

Velour jogging suits, leather caps, suspenders, studded suspenders, checkered suspenders, and many amazing suspenders, high top tennis shoes, wigs, huge rhinestone gold or silver medallion necklaces, watches, bracelets, rings, huge fat gold or silver chain necklaces, rhinestone magnetic earrings, earcuffs, pierced ear bling, afro wigs, funky hats and caps made or fabrics, furs, lumea, sequins and other crazy materials that are huge or otherwise amazing and ridiculous, fur coats for men, fingerless leather gloves, wallet chains, chain belts, bullet belts, handcuff belts, crazy crazy belt buckles with bling or bottle openers or flasks or other crazyness, studded and spiked bracelets belts and chokers, leather pants, vinyl pants and jackets, baggy leather pants and shorts, fuzzy pants and suits, metallic suits and clothing, nylon jogging pants, baggy jeans and shorts, and so more that you will laugh an laugh.

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