Pretty Thanksgiving Day Pilgrim Girl, Colonial & Pilgrim Costumes, Plymouth Colony Historical Attire

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This Pretty Thanksgiving Day Pilgrim Girl is just a sample of the Adult & Children, Economy and Supreme Quality Costumes we keep in stock.

Pretty Thanksgiving Day Pilgrim Girl.

When you celebrate Thanksgiving, remember, we have all the period clothing, costumes & accessories you need. You will find Adult & Children Outfits in Economy Prices all the way up to Theatrical & Parade Quality Costumes. We have Thanksgiving Pilgrim & Puritan Costumes, ‘First Thanksgiving’ Colonial Settlers & American Indian Attire and Historical Period Attire & Accessories for Puritans & Freemen. We have the hats, bonnets, mop hats, aprons, pinafores, dresses, skirts, blouses, Puritan collar shirts & Puritan collars and bibs, cloaks, shrugs, capes & more.

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