Plano Jobs: Costume Shop Full Time & Part Time Help Wanted Now.

Plano Jobs, Costume Jobs, Theatrical & Masquerade Costume Jobs, Now Hiring Plano Jobs at Dallas Vintage Shop.

Plano Jobs, Costume Shop Jobs are available for DFW’s Largest, Year Round Costume Shop. Now Hiring Full or Part Time Employees. Plano Jobs Now Available.

Plano Jobs, Costume Shop Jobs Now Available

Plano Jobs, are available for the DFW’s Largest & Most Complete Theatrical, Masquerade, Vintage Clothing & Costume Shop. Now Hiring for Full or Part Time Positions. Call Jerry or Mitzi. DFW’s Largest Costume Shop is Busy All Year Round.

Plano Jobs, DFW’s Largest Costume Shop is Now Hiring

Costume Jobs, Plano Costume Shop Jobs, HIRING INFORMATION, Click Here:

Plano Jobs, Costume Jobs, Help Wanted: Dallas Vintage Shop is Currently Hiring

Costume Jobs Help Wanted: Plano Jobs, Dallas Vintage Shop is Currently Hiring

Dallas Vintage Shop is Now Hiring. Hiring Information is included here.

Plano Costume Shop Jobs Available.

Help Wanted. Dallas Vintage Shop Now Hiring Procedures are listed below.

Plano Costume Shop Jobs Now Available: Help Wanted

Thank-you for your interest! Dallas Vintage Shop is currently hiring. Full Time or Part Time Help is Wanted.

Plano Jobs for the Largest, Full Line, Permanent, Theatrical, Masquerade & Halloween Costume Shop. We have started interviewing for our Busy Year Round Costume & Vintage Clothing Shop. Please Call before you come in.

APPLY IN PERSON…the best time is between 3:00 & 7:00, Mon.-Fri. But call before you come in.

If you have employment questions you may call the shop and ask for Jerry or Mitzi.

Plano Costume Jobs: Now Hiring for Permanent Theatrical & Theme Party Costume Shop.

 Call Now: 972-422-7256

Ask for Mitzi or Jerry.  Applicants must appear in person, during regular business hours and preferably, earlier in the week. Weekends are usually very busy, so, we may not be able to meet with you on Saturdays.

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Plano Jobs, Costume Shop Jobs, Help Wanted: OPEN ALL YEAR! Our DALLAS VINTAGE SHOP ‘Wow’ Factor Costumes are well worth the trip


Dallas Vintage Shop is a Brick & Mortar, One Stop Shop for Costumes & Vintage Clothing! DRIVE across the Metroplex, take the DART TRAIN, hitch an UBER RIDE or FLY to Dallas. It’s worth the trip!



NOW HIRING: Plano Jobs, Costume Shop Employment Available: Serving Dallas, DFW & North Texas. BEST QUALITY, QUANTITY & VARIETY in COSTUMES. Join our Team!

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