‘Pirates of Penzance’ Pirate King Costume, Theatrical or Movie Pirate Characters Outfits

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We have Quality Pirate King Costumes from ‘The Pirates of Penzance” Theatrical & Film Production Character Costumes. From the 1879 New York City premier to the 1983 Movie with Kevin Kline and then to the Gilbert and Sullivan: Opera Australia Production, ‘The Pirates of Penzance,’ Pirate King Character has inspired swashbuckling characters and costumes like this Anthony Warlow, Pirate King Costume. Who is your favorite Pirate Character? We have everything you need to create that costume. You will find amazing Pirate Captain Coats, many quality Pirate Captain Tricorns, Pirate ruffled Shirts, Pirate Fancy Vests, innumerable Pirate Pants choices, Pirate Boots & Boot Covers, Wigs, Makeup & Facial Hair, Pirate Swords, Flintlocks, Belts, Baldrics, Earrings, Eye Patches, Pirate Bling Jewelry, Tankards & Pirate Mugs and everything you could possibly need to put together Period Pirate Outfits & Pirate Movie Character Costumes. Get Supreme Quality or Economy pieces & accessories.

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