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Get Bodices, Corsets & Bustiers at Dallas Vintage Shop. We are open year round and we have more corsets & bustiers than anyone Dallas, DFW & North Texas Area.

The Corset is the most important piece of a Wench or Lady Pirate Outfit. For the best selection of Pirate Wench Corsets for your Pirate Costumes and we have a bountiful treasure of Pirate Bling you can’t find anywhere else. Our Pirate Accessories and supplies are unlimited. Accessorizing your Pirate Costume with the just right final touches is what you need to make the statement you want to make. Get the most amazing Pirate Outfits you’ve ever seen or just the accessories you need like Quality wigs, Makeup, Pirate Swords & Baldrics, Pirate Flintlock Pistols, Pirate Men’s Earrings, Cool Wide Pirate Belts, Pirate Worthy Pants & Shirts, Pirate Boots & Boot Covers and even Eye Patches. You will find tons of Pirate Outfits for Adults & Kids. Get Supreme Quality or Economy. We are open all year round.

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We have DFW’s Largest Collection of Corsets, Bustiers & Bodices

Welcome to DFW’s Largest Collection & Variety of UNLIMITED Pirate Wench CORSETS, Renaissance Corsets, Baroque Bodices, Modern Corsets, Anime & Cosplay Corsets. Dallas Vintage Shop has Top Quality Bustiers, Corsets, Bodices: Leather, Pleather, Satin, Velvet, Silk, Decorative, Cosplay, Period Corsets & More and we have them in stock all year round.

Nobody has more Pirate Corsets, Bodices & Bustiers than Dallas Vintage Shop!

Dallas Vintage Shop is a Brick & Mortar, One Stop Shop for Costumes & Vintage Clothing! DRIVE across the Metroplex, take the DART TRAIN, hitch an UBER RIDE or FLY to Dallas. It’s worth the trip!



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