Pilgrim Girl Costumes, Mary Chilton Plymouth Colony Pilgrim Settler, Mayflower Pilgrims Attire

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Pilgrim Girl Costume, Mary Chilton, first Mayflower female Passenger to step into Plymouth Rock, Celebrated the First Thanksgiving with Plymouth Colony Settlers & Indians in 1621.

Pilgrim Girl Costumes. We have Colonial Period Attire for Puritan Settlers Costumes, Pilgrim and Indian Costumes, Pilgrim Preacher Outfits, Mayflower Passenger Period Clothing and enough Colonial Pilgrim Garb for all the Men, Women, Boys & Girls of the Plymouth Colony First Thanksgiving Day Harvest Celebration. If you need Children’s History Project Costumes, Pilgrim Reenactment Attire, Thanksgiving Day Parade Outfits or Theatrical Quality Costumes then we have all you need in stock. We have every accessories you can imagine too. Get everything you need at our One Stop Costume Shop.

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