Pilgrim Costumes, Adult & Child Early American Settlers, Thanksgiving Day Celebration & Parade Attire, Colonial Era Attire

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Early American Colonial Settlers, Pilrims & Puritans Celebrate Thanksgiving Harvest with Native Americans in the New World.

Pilgrim Costumes for Adults & Children, from economy prices to high quality Theatrical Attire. We have Early American Colonial Settlers Attire for Indentured Slaves, Colonial Freemen and Colonial Governors. You will find Pilgrim Hats, Mop Hats, Bonnets, Powdered Wigs, Colonial Belts & Shoe Buckles, Puritan All Black Attire. Quakers Attire, Colonial Aprons, Colonial & Pilgrim Dresses, Skirts & Tops, Men’s Pilgrim Cloaks, Robes & Capes and any article of clothing from Petticoats & Bloomers to Men & Ladies Coats. We can hook you up with complete outfits for Famous Historical Americans, Movie Characters, Native American Indians, English Soldiers, Children’s Period Attire & More.

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