Pilgrim Child Costume, The Colonial Governor’s Daughter, Early American Settlers Period Clothing

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Colonial Governor’s Daughter Outfit for Historical Reenactments or Thanksgiving Day Parades.

This Pilgrim Child Costume is perfect for an Early American, Colonial Settler, Governor’s Daughter, Better Quality Costume for portraying higher social status characters. You can also find economy priced costumes in adult or child sizes as well. There are bonnets, mop hats, Colonial collars, bibs, aprons & pinafores, pilgrim men’s hats, pilgrim belts, pilgrim shoe buckles, high society colonial aristocratic attire, indentured slave rough clothing, tall socks for men, long hair wigs for men, powdered wigs and everything you could possibly need. We also have Thanksgiving Day Celebrations & Parade Costumes like Native American Indians, Turkey Costumes and more.

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