Peacock Boas, Superior Quality Feather Boas

Costuming, Dress-up, and Trimming are just some of the many uses for feather boas. Feather Boas are great accents used that can be used for 20’s, Harlem Nights, Mardi Gras, Steampunk, Halloween (and more). Depending on the style of feather boa, they can be used across the Shoulders or for Fashion Accessories such as Feather Coats, Feather Jackets, Feather Hats, Feather Purses, Feather Shoe Clips, Feather Hair Accessories, Feather Bridal Accessories. They can also be used as Party Favors and for Special Events Decor. Feather Boas are perfect for carnival and dance costumes (ballroom dance, burlesque dance, show girl, and more). The Fancy Peacock Boas are great for Theater, Stage, Film, Television, and Photo Shoots.

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