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You will find a huge selection of Patriotic Costumes like this Beautiful Statue of Liberty Costume. We have all the Patriotic Iconic Characters Outfits you need. Get Patriotic Costumes for Theatrical Productions, Patriotic Celebrations, Patriotic Parades and Kids School Project Historical Patriotic Character Costumes, The Statue of Liberty Costume is only one of the Patriotic Iconic Characters we keep in stock. Other Patriotic Costume Ideas include Iconic American Characters like any of the Colonial Period Famous Americans, Famous US Explorers, Historical US Pioneers and even Boston Tea Party Characters. Let us provide your Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Veterans Day or Labor Day Patriotic Wardrobes. Get complete outfits or just the pieces or accessories you need. We have outfits for Adults & Kids in Supreme Quality or Economy Costumes.

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