Passover Festival Costumes: Egyptian Pharaoh, Children of Israel, Death Angel…

Passover Festival Costumes, Jewish Passover Festival Costumes, Passover Festival Seder Costumes, Passover Hebrew Festival Costumes and all the Hebrew & Egyptian costumes you need are at Dallas Vintage Shop.

Passover Festival Costumes, including this basic Pharaoh Costume is available in Supreme or Economy prices for children & adults. Who is your favorite Passover or Exodus hero or villain? We have costumes for that.

PASSOVER FESTIVAL COSTUMES for Temple, Synagogue or Family Passover Gatherings.

PASSOVER (Pesach) 2024 USA

Begins Monday Evening, April 22
Ends Tuesday Evening, April 30

More Passover & Hebrew Costumes

Get Hebrew & Egyptian costume characters, found in Shemot(Exodus); Torah; Tanakh.

Favorite Passover Festival Costumes include the following heroes & villains: 

  • Pharaoh
  • Pharaoh’s Son: who was Moses ‘half brother.’
  • Pharaoh’s Daughter: Bitiah, rescued & raised Moses from river.
  • Slave Girl: found baby Moses & told Bitiah, daughter of Pharaoh.
  • Jachebed: Moses’ mother, left him in the reeds at the rivers in an ark of bulrushes for Pharaoh’s daughter to find.
  • Hebrew Slaves
  • Egyptian Slave Masters
  • Moses
  • Egyptian that Moses Slew(while protecting a Hebrew) and hid body in the sand.
  • Burning Bush(kids favorite): from which God spoke to Moses
  • Aaron: Moses’ spokesman; first high priest of Israel
  • Pharaoh’s Magician Prophets
  • Death Angel
  • Hebrew Caravan: travelers, craftsmen, shepherds, farmers, adults & kids
  • Egyptians: soldiers, archers & chariot warriors

We have Egyptian & Jewish Passover costumes plus outfits for any and every Tanakh  character imaginable. What is your favorite Jewish Festival & Celebration? We have costumes for that!

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Enhance your temple, synagogue or family Passover holiday traditions with costumes.  Reenact crossing the Red Sea and the liberation of the Hebrew Nation with some creativity for the kids and adults alike. It’s among the most important Jewish Festivals, so get into character. At your seder, wear the traditional attire of the Exodus characters or don Hebrew folk costumes. Dress up for the reading of the Haggadah or for the sharing of blessings, prayers and stories.

“Chag Sameach!”

You will be amazed at our Hebrew & Egyptian costume selection!

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