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We have Oktoberfest Plus Size Costumes for Ladies or Men. This German Fest Ladies Peasant Outfit is one of our Economy to Mid Priced Oktoberfest Towns Person Outfits.

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Oktoberfest Attire including Ladies Oktoberfest Plus Size Costumes from Dallas Vintage Shop:

Looking for Oktoberfest Plus Size Costumes? Nobody in the Dallas, DFW and North Texas Area comes close to beating our selection of Plus Size Oktoberfest Costumes. Get the Folk Dancers & Traditional International Costumes as well as Oktoberfest Polka & Dance Attire with all the accessories you need. We are the One Stop Shop for Oktoberfest Plus Size Ladies and Men’s Outfits. We have the Oktoberfest Blouses, Shirts, Skirts, Pants, Lederhosen & Dirndls. Find extras like Rugged Leather Arm Bands, Bracelets, Interesting Medallion Necklaces and other German and Folk Jewelry. Our Wigs for Ladies and Mustaches for Men are of great quality and diversity. Get complete costumes or just the pieces you need or the accessories you need. You will find German Maiden High Quality Corsets & Dirndls, Peasant Blouses, Long Blond & Long Braided Wigs, Festival Aprons, Long or Mid Length Skits & Petticoats, Character Shoes, Tall Knee Socks and Oktoberfest Folk Costumes & Garb. Dallas Vintage Shop you can help you create your Tyrolean, Bavarian, Alpine, Austrian, Czech, Italian and other International, Traditional, Ethnic and Folkloric Style Outfits.

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