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Mesquite Costumes, Pirate Costumes, Mesquite Theatrical Costumes, Mesquite Childrens Costumes, Mesquite Historical, School Project Costumes, Halloween Costumes & Costume Makeup from Dallas Vintage Shop.

Get Mesquite Costumes like this Pirate Outfit from Dallas Vintage Shop. We are a Full Line, Permanent, Year Round Costumes shop with Theatrical Wardrobes, Makeup and 100’s of Theme Party Costume Categories for you to choose from.


Dallas Vintage Shop provides Mesquite with Quality Halloween Costumes and Costumes for Pirates, School Projects, Superheros, Celebrity Outfits, Gala Charity Balls, Masquerade Balls, Halloween Adult & Kids Costumes, Theatrical, Theme Party and Holiday Celebration Outfits and a lot more. Get Premium Quality Celebrity Status Attire or Median & Economy Priced Costumes for Adults & Children from Dallas Vintage Shop. We are open all year round as a full line Costume Shop and Vintage Clothing Store. Our Costume Selection is unlimited. Although there are 1000’s of Costumes on our website, you will only see less than 1% of the Costumes available in our Costume & Vintage Clothing Megastore.

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Dallas Vintage Shop has only one location, but it is well worth the drive, please browse our menu on the right side of the page.

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